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Media Monitoring: The 5 New Missions Of Communications Pros

Communications | Kanter Media | Media Monitoring | 07 December 2015

In today’s intensely competitive global market, in which business transformations and communication strategies are closely linked, communications professionals are taking greater responsibility for their organisation’s brand and reputation.

In a 24/7 media environment, protecting reputation is now clearly a top priority for companies, meaning communications professionals must dedicate part of their role to monitoring their reputation online.

Brand building has also become increasingly relevant as corporate communications functions integrate more and more with marketing functions. Communications pros have broader responsibilities – positioning their company across all audiences (including clients) and managing and monitoring messaging through a variety of channels and media, both offline and online.

In these circumstances, today’s communications pros must expand the scope of their media monitoring and analysis activities. What will be their focus in this field over the coming years? Let’s now look at 5 of their core media monitoring tasks…

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