The Consumer Market Monitor is a publication provided by the Marketing Institute of Ireland in collaboration with the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.

It is designed to track key indicators of confidence and activity in the Irish consumer market as a resource for marketers and the wider business community. The consumer market accounts for over 50% of GNP so it is an important indicator of the health of the economy.

It relies on a model of consumer behaviour which sees economic variables such as income levels, taxes, interest rates and exchange rates influencing consumer confidence which, in turn, influences consumer behaviour including spending, saving and borrowing.

It is based on data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the Central Bank, the European Commission, and other secondary sources. The added value rests in the fact that the information is brought together in a single location and presented in a way that is easy to use for market analysis and sales planning. The accompanying editorial also highlights important trends and linkages that point to emerging opportunities and threats.

It is published on the Marketing Institute website and the UCD Smurfit School website and is up- dated every quarter. This edition covers Q3 of 2019 and reviews the year to-date.

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About the Author

Professor Mary Lambkin

Mary Lambkin is Professor of Marketing at the Smurfit Graduate Business School, University College Dublin. She has served as Dean of the school and has sat on the Governing Authority of the university. She completed her PhD at the University of Toronto following an MBA from UCD, and she continues to publish widely on strategy and marketing topics.

She also has considerable industry experience, commencing her career at Unilever, and continuing to be involved in consulting with a wide range of companies. She is also an experienced corporate director, currently serving as Chairman of Barclaycard International Payments Ltd., part of Barclays Group. Previously, she has served as an independent non-executive director of Citibank Europe plc, Barclays Insurance Dublin Ltd., Irish Shell Ltd., as well as several professional and government organisations.