Covid-19 What Next for Brand and Business?

Webinar with Jay Gallagher, Executive Director – Strategic Planning at Edelman

The rapidly evolving coronavirus outbreak has not only presented an alarming health crisis, it is also causing significant social and economic implications across the globe. As the situation develops, it is vital that organisations are prepared for the inevitable challenges and are able to respond to them in a way that minimises any adverse impact. But what does that mean for you, your brand and your business? Edelman’s Executive Director of Planning in EMEA,  Jay Gallagher will talk us through what he’s seeing on the global stage and the need for brands and business to project clarity, continuity and fairness as they find their role and build a valuable action plan.

Please note: registration for this webinar closes on Wednesday 8th April at 6pm.

9 April 2020,12.00pm - 1.00pm


Webinar hosted via Zoom


Jay Gallagher, Edelman


Rachel Bowers



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Executive Director - Strategic Planning at Edelman

Jay Gallagher

Jay has worked as a planner, strategist and consultant with clients across the private and public sector, developing audience positioning and brand behaviour models based on latest knowledge of how consumers make decisions. He leads the Strategic Planning function at Edelman in EMEA and works to draw insight from the vast wealth of client, consumer and market data available, making sense of the confusion of sources and turning these into the building blocks for great ideas and solutions.