As part of our MII Graduate Communications, we chatted with Melissa Dunne, MII Grad 2019 and also recipient of MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics 2020 Scholarship.


In your own words, why did you choose to apply to the MSc in Digital Marketing & Analytics in TU Dublin?

One of the main reasons I chose to continue my academic career and apply for the MSc in Digital Marketing and Analytics in TU Dublin is due to the passion I have for digital marketing as a discipline. I want my career to be part of the changing, dynamic environment that is digital marketing. For me TU Dublin was the forerunner in terms of digital marketing courses in the country as it offers an attractive blend of both practical and academic learning opportunities and places a huge significance on the importance of analytics as a marketing metric. The part time nature of the course also affords me the opportunity to continue work full time while pursing further learning.


Do you feel the scholarship application process gave you a chance to showcase yourself and your proposal?

The whole process for me was overwhelming positive from start to finish. The scholarship proposal allowed me to demonstrate the passion and drive I have for my profession to the programme director and The Marketing Institute. It gave me the chance to shed a light on my career history and explain what I could bring to the table as a member of the programme.


What does it meant to you to be rewarded a scholarship for the MSc in Digital Marketing & Analytics ?

I cannot fully explain how much it means to have been award the scholarship and I am so grateful! I am a very ambitious and independent person but without the support of this scholarship I would have had to put this element of my career plan on hold. To be given the opportunity to be part of this amazing programme and learn from highly experienced marketing professionals means the world to me.


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