Trouble What Trouble!?

We are delighted to invite the marketing community to join us in our 2021 Marketing Breakfast Series in partnership with MCCP. Kickstarting our Series is Colin Gordon, Author of “Marketing is in Trouble” and Founder Engage Consulting.

It’s 100 years old. It’s pervasive. It accounts for the same money as the combined economic activities of 4 developed societies. But no one seems to agree what it actually is and there is a significant disconnect between client companies and their business partners. Marketing is at best distracted and probably not capable of dealing with the challenges facing today’s businesses.
Based on exclusive research and over 35 years of experience with some of Ireland’s best known organisations and brands, Gordon tries to set out the problem and, more importantly, to identify solutions to reaffirm marketing’s position as core to all business organisations.

Join us for this live webinar presentation on 27th January at 10AM.

27 January 2021,10:00AM-11:00AM


Webinar hosted via Zoom


Colin Gordon


Aoife Doran



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Author of “Marketing is in Trouble” and Founder Engage Consulting

Golin Gordon

From business degrees in Trinity College Dublin and University College
Dublin, selling second-hand doors in Australia and doing commissioned
research for the EEC (the precursor to today’s EU), Colin has gone on to
work in the healthcare, tobacco, alcohol, soft drinks and dairy sectors, with
some of Ireland’s best-known companies and brands across more than 35
years. From business-to-business, to FMCG, to international franchise management, export and international business development, brand turnarounds, distributor agreement advancement, innovation, acquisitions and disposals, Colin has a vast array of experience not only in corporate strategy and marketing itself, but crucially in how marketing sets strategy and how it fits into modern commercial organisations and partnerships.

Apart from his professional day jobs, Colin has also contributed regularly
to industry panels, government advisory groups, various conferences and
university mentoring programmes. He has chaired FDI – the Irish industry’s representative group for food and drink for several years, and has served in the past on several boards as a non-executive director, including the Association of Advertisers in Ireland, the Marketing Institute of Ireland, and the Consumer Foods Board of the Irish Food Board (Bord Bia), while he currently serves on the Foundation Board of the RDS (Royal Dublin Society) and is a Non-Executive Director on the boards of Febvre Wines and Concern Worldwide. He is also an advisor and mentor to several organisations across a wide spectrum of industry sectors.