My Life After College: Clionadh Fahy

Hi, my name is Clionadh Fahy, I am an Enterprise Intern at The Rubicon Centre in Cork which includes a fully funded masters in Cork Institute of Technology.

You might be asking yourself “what is an Enterprise Intern?” Simply put, I promote entrepreneurship amongst students in Cork Institute of Technology and complete a masters part time.

How I Got The Role
It began back in 2018, while I was on work placement for college. The Rubicon is known as a hub for entrepreneurs, it is a place full of innovation and creativity. I knew I wanted to work there, so I applied for a position with OrthoXel, a start-up business based in the Rubicon and began my position as a marketing assistant.

While I was there, I became friendly with an Enterprise Intern named Sorcha. Through Sorcha, I learned about the opportunity to gain work experience and complete a masters simultaneously, all I had to do was become an Enterprise Intern. I applied for the role in April 2020 and within a month, I had a place on the programme.

My Responsibilities As An Enterprise Intern
My main responsibility is to promote Student Inc. which is a three-month long programme for student entrepreneurs, run across Tralee IT, CIT and UCC.

Additionally, I hold presentations of the Business Model Canvas for first year college students. This is a framework people can use to start their own business. The students are then tasked to come up with a business idea and use the framework we presented to them in their project. They then present their idea to us and are given a mark that goes towards their final grade.

I manage all the social media accounts for Student Inc. The Rubicon Centre and I promote programmes such as Exxcel, a Female Entrepreneurship programme online. I also approach students during innovation month that would be suitable candidates for the Student Inc. programme.

A Typical Day Working From Home During Covid-19
I start my day with college from nine to eleven. I then reply to my emails and have a look at my work schedule for the day. Yesterday I had a virtual presentation with first year college students, a call with the other interns to discuss ideas for promoting Student Inc. and I did some online promotional work for the entrepreneurial programmes we run.

I feel much more productive working from home because I get to do everything in the one spot. If this were under normal circumstances, I would be commuting.

My Plans For The Future

My end goal is to become a Marketing Consultant. At present, I am completing a professional development module in college, which involves creating a plan to reach my future goals. My plan includes completing some marketing consultancy work on the side. Currently I am working as a social media and business development consultant for Grainne Quirke Candles, helping her raise brand awareness through social media and PR.

Top Tip For Applying To The Enterprise Internship Next Year

Research the position as much as you can and look up what responsibilities are involved in the role so you can tailor your answers in the application process. If you are torn between going straight into a job or staying in college to do a masters, then I would highly suggest applying for this position as you get the best of both worlds.