In the age of streaming and internet, marketers have had to become ever more innovative and creative to make their brand stand out to the consumer. With this in mind and the new year and decade upon us, we thought we would take a look back at some memorable television adverts of the last decade, some of which we know you can still quote by heart!


Lyons Tea – 2010

This ad was all we could talk about that year.


EBS – 2014

This plumber left us all giving out an exasperated giggle and yearning for two weeks in Torremolinos!


Vodafone Ireland – 2015

Peggy Sue not only captured Donal’s heart but the nation’s.


Gas Networks Ireland – 2016

The nation’s favourite singer stopped by to warn us that if they are not a registered gas installer they can’t touch your boiler.


McDonnells Curry – 2018

McDonnells gave us the secret to fulfilment in this cult classic starring Conor McKenna of Foil, Arms and Hog.


Denny – 2018

Denny encouraged us to follow our dreams by travelling far and wide in 2018.


Three Ireland – 2020

This heart warming ad showed us the importance of staying connected during COVID-19.