B2B Trends for the Contrarian Marketer

We believe that there’s never an advantage to following the crowd — especially in marketing, when the crowd is usually wrong. In marketing, it is advantageous to be contrarian, to deviate from the beaten path and stand out from competitors. From investing in your share of voice to balancing brand and activation, Jon will present research that analyses the patterns in B2B marketing to determine which marketing strategies lead to the most growth.

‘I really think that the team at B2B Institute at LinkedIn are doing the best work on brand building anywhere in the world right now
Mark Ritson

What will participants learn/achieve?

Marketers always want to know: “what will change?”
But, Jeff Bezos says a more important question is: “what won’t change?”
Why does what won’t change matter more?
Because as Bezos  advises, you can build a business on ideas that won’t change.
So for our 2020 Trends, we’ve identified three macro-trends that won’t change and that you can count on for the next decade:
  • The War On Brand
  • The Rise Of Blockbuster Marketing
  • The Death Of Hyper-targeting
Join us as we discuss each trend and show you how to apply these timeless trends to beat your competition.

Who is it for? Career Stage?

Designed to appeal to junior and senior, B2B and B2C. This course will analyses the patterns in B2B marketing to determine which marketing strategies lead to the most growth.

What is the course’s USP?

You will only see contrarian — and right — ideas, which makes the presentation unlike any other Trends report you will see.
In addition, the most entertaining and creative B2B presentation you will see.

Price: €500

This price does not include membership.

Marketer Pathways Competencies

Marketer Competencies

  • Brand
  • Research
  • New Product Development

Business Competencies

  • Commercial Awareness
  • Action & Results
  • Organisational Awareness

People Competencies

  • Leadership
  • Relationship Management
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills



Global Lead, B2B Institute LinkedIn

Jon Lombardo

Jon is a Global Lead at the B2B Institute at LinkedIn, where he researches how brand marketing contributes to  cash flows. Jon tries to bring an “outside-in” approach to marketing, looking to apply mental models  from other disciplines — The Lindy Effect and The Contrarian Matrix being favorites — to marketing. Prior to LinkedIn, Jon led GE’s Social Media Center of Excellence, where he focused on commercial efforts across major social platforms.