Experiential Marketing, Integrated Theory and Strategic Application

Rose Leahy, Pio Fenton & Holly Barry


Experiential Marketing is at the start of a renaissance. As the world emerges tentatively from the Covid-19 pandemic, this most hands-on, tactile, engaging of marketing activities will emerge as an even more potent tool in the repertoire of leading marketers.

This book represents a way forward for Experiential Marketing that tackles some of the remaining challenges of the discipline. Practitioners and academics alike, struggled to determine how to best use experiential marketing as an integrated technique that aligned well with other marketing activities. More so, it was difficult for marketing teams to convince non-marketers of the connection between experiential marketing and corporate objectives. Experiential Marketing suffered from looking like an ‘expensive day out’.

Secondly, practitioners really struggled to exploit experiential marketing activities in an increasingly digital world. This reinforced the tendency of experiential marketing to be considered a standalone technique.

Finally – and most critically – executives struggled to determine the ROI of experiential marketing. In a corporate world that is metrics focused, experiential marketing was seen as exceptionally difficult to measure.

This book presents road-tested solutions to each of these problems. By proposing the Integrated Marketing Communications Framework, the book outlines a mechanism for ensuring the integration of all experiential activities into broad based campaigns in support of strategic marketing objectives. An amplification framework outlines a time-phased approach to leveraging experiential activities so that they extend beyond the activities themselves. By proposing Return on Integrated Experience (ROIE), the book proposes a holistic method for measuring the impact of experiential activities that links strongly with strategic marketing objectives – the big picture.

With a wide-range of colourful examples, this book is a defining moment in the practice and study of experiential marketing, which provides the reader with the tools and mindset to truly exploit their experiential activities.


The book is available here: https://uk.sagepub.com/en-gb/eur/experiential-marketing/book274886