What is it?

This training programme aims to inspire your marketing team with the knowledge and skills of branding that they can apply into their day-to-day roles within your marketing department. It provides your team with a solid grounding in the principles and brings all team members up to a quality standard of knowledge about brand development and execution.


Why is our approach different?

This course is based on the principles of Design Thinking and is a highly interactive course. Your team will be given an assignment to create a new brand, using the knowledge and skills they learn over the course of the programme, and they present these new brands to the senior management team.


Who is it for?

With increased specialisms within the marketing function, this programme is perfect to bring a common understanding of the wider brand perspective and thinking. It is suitable for companies who have a marketing team who have a mix of employees with specific skill sets in the area of digital, analytics, brand and strategy. The aim of the programme is to elevate the base knowledge of Brand and Communication across the entire team to a high level.

  • Digital Marketers
  • Data Analytics
  • Content Creators
  • Brand Managers


Learning Outcomes

Branding Frameworks: Reviewing the principles and frameworks for developing an effective Brand and Marketing Strategy for the business

Design Thinking: Understand the empathy-based approach to Brand design using Design Thinking to inspire fresh and innovative thinking.

Brand Positioning: How to identify a brand’s unique value proposition, target audience and competitive environment

Brand Communication: Understand the role of storytelling and visual identity to engage with consumers

Brand Experience: Think through the experience of the brand from the consumers perspective at various touchpoints

Brand Management: How to effectively manage a brand over time, adjusting the strategy and the importance of brand consistency over time.

This is a highly interactive and engaging workshop programme based on a Design Thinking approach. The workshops will be based around a “Design Challenge” to get participants to create a new brand and communication plan over the course of the 3
Workshops. The participants will be put into teams to foster cross collaboration and sharing of skill sets across a marketing team.


This course is delivered by Muireann Fitzmaurice

Muireann is an award-winning business owner and provides marketing and business training to entrepreneurs who want to grow their business. In the last 10 years, Muireann,through MarketingCoach.ie has provided training and mentoring to small business owners/managers on idea generation, business planning, marketing, social media and entrepreneurial leadership.

Muireann is also on the National Executive for Network Ireland and developed the Mentoring for Success Programme for the organisation, a free peer to peer mentoring programme for female business women in Ireland. She is passionate about creativity, marketing, leadership and entrepreneurship.



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