Are you looking for those fundamentals in finance?

This course will give you an understanding of the main financial concepts to suit your needs.

You will improve your marketing decision-making. You will learn to understand and critically evaluate the financial information produced by financial and managerial accountants within organisations. Become an effective team member that can contribute constructively to management and marketing decisions based on accounting data.

You will learn accounting for non-accountants. Real case studies will be used to stimulate discussion, analysis and decision-making. Key software packages will be used, like Microsoft Excel, to create and process financial data effectively and to generate financial information for reports like cash budgets and ratios.

This course aims to equip you with the knowledge to advance you through your career.


What will you get out of it?

  • Demonstrate understanding and ability to critically evaluate financial information produced by financial and managerial accounts within organisations.
  • Give advice and insights to management and marketing decisions based on the analysis of management accounting data.
  • Evaluate alternative sources of finance and assess investment options and possibilities.
  • Develop budgeting templates and evaluate pricing decisions for businesses of different sizes.
  • Work effectively in teams to formulate decisions based on effective financial reporting.


Methods of Study

Classes are delivered completely online through Microsoft Teams.

Assessment consists of an individual examination and a group project on a case study.



This course is part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Marketing. Completing this course will entitle you to an exemption from the module.


The MII & TU Dublin Partnership Experience

The Marketing Institute was established in 1962 and is the professional body for marketers in Ireland. MII is committed to growing, developing and enhancing the marketing profession through a commitment to continued education and life-long learning.

Building on the distinguished past of DIT, TU Dublin is Ireland’s first technological university where students learn in a practice-focused environment with industry, enterprise and innovation at the heart of everything we do.

TU Dublin is aligned to the purpose of the MII, with its passion for life-long learning, collectively making an important contribution to the economic life of Ireland, enabling capacity building for the future.

The Marketing Institute and TU Dublin partnership ensures the optimal learning experience for students, with industry access and networking opportunities through MII, and academic robustness from TU Dublin, in essence the pracademic approach.

The MII & TU Dublin partnership education programmes have a culture that care for people, offer space for new ideas, relationships, networks and personal and professional development of all students.


Marketing Competency Framework

Finance is rated as a key skill for development in the 2021 NPS survey by MII. Basic skills in finance are considered part of the key marketing competencies for marketers by MII in 2023.


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