Are you unsure which media channels perform best for you?
Do you want to create more efficient and successful media campaigns?

This media planning training course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in media planning and buying. Focusing on the steps of execution and learning from your data, you will be setting the stage for successful and impactful advertising campaigns in today’s dynamic media landscape. 
Real-life case studies can be strategically incorporated into various sessions of the media planning, buying, execution, and learning course to provide practical insights and demonstrate the ‘best practice’ approach in real-world scenarios. This course is designed for individual members and corporate members in small to middle size companies.

By the end of the Media Masterclass, participants will have: 
 1. Developed a deep understanding of media planning principles, techniques, and the best processes. 
2. Mastered the art of setting clear and measurable campaign objectives aligned with business goals. 
3. Gained expertise in crafting effective media strategies integrating traditional, digital, and social media channels. 
4. Learned how to strategically buy media space and time, negotiating for optimal rates and value-added benefits. 
5. Developed the ability to track and measure media performance using key metrics and analytics. 
6. Learned how to optimise media budgets and make data-driven decisions for maximum profitability. 
7. Acquired insights into the future of media planning and buying, including the role of data and AI. 

Day 1: Foundations of Media Planning 
Session 1: Introduction to Media Planning  
Session 2: Knowing Your Audience  
Session 3: Setting Campaign Objectives  
Session 4: Crafting an Effective Media Strategy 
Day 2: Strategic Media Buying and Execution 
Session 1: Traditional and Digital Media Channels  
Session 2: Tactical Media Buying Strategies 
Session 3: Creative Integration and Execution 
Session 4: Media Planning & Learning Tools and Technologies 
Day 3: Monitoring, Optimisation, and Continuous Learning 
Session 1: Media Performance Measurement 
Session 2: Media Budget Allocation and Optimization 
Session 3: The Future of Media Planning and Buying 
Session 4: Learning and Insights for the Future 


Delivered by Fergal O’Connor from Buymedia
Fergal has over 25 years experience in the advertising and media industry. He saw that there were huge pain points and challenges for SMEs when advertising effectively. Buymedia was built to address these challenges and it now helps businesses and organisations grow sustainably through more effective advertising. Teaching and educating are his passions and he
hopes to help people and businesses to better understand media planning.



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