Guinness Storehouse Amber Brown


The Guinness Storehouse set out to deliver a best-in-class customer experience and position itself as a must-visit destination in December 2021. The Home of Guinness was transformed into an immersive festive spectacular under the creative direction of the inaugural lead curator, Dublin-based designer Annie Atkins. The Guinness Storehouse, supported by WHPR, captured the spirit of Christmas by creating a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors to get together with friends and family in a magical setting. The attraction drew large numbers of visitors, delivered an “only Guinness could, only Guinness would” customer experience, and landed the Guinness Storehouse in culture at Christmas.

AIB Paul Allen


In a year that brought new and varied challenges to AIB and its customers, the AIB Customer Experience team continued to drive Customer Advocacy by leading CX focussed programmes and initiatives that have delivered enhanced experiences for customers. By evolving how the AIB CX team worked, expanding the tools and capabilities, the AIB CX Team were able to ensure they positioned themselves to identify and understand customers increasing expectations whilst supporting through targets and effective delivery, enhanced and differentiating experiences that delivered for their customers and achieved their strategic and commercial goals.

Bank of Ireland Aoife Mahon


As a small team, we’re passionate about demystifying money matters for secondary school students, growing their confidence around financial literacy and other key life skills. As a bank, we have a responsibility to do this. We are proud that our re imagined Money Smarts Financial Literacy Programme is resonating as such a positive experience with schools and students. In delivering the Money Smarts experience, we believe we are playing a small part in shaping society for the future, ambitious that this next generation will have more positive relationships with money, see their futures differently, be inspired to achieve great things and demonstrate success and confidence in everything they do.

Electric Ireland Jackie Garvey


The National Smart Metering program presented a challenge and an opportunity for electricity suppliers and their customers. Customers have long been frustrated by the lack of transparency and control around their bi-monthly bill. Using the principles of design thinking, the team at Electric Ireland designed a truly customer led experience to create products and services which would finally address the customer pain points and put customers in control of their electricity usage. Researching with customers at regular stage gates ensured that the data driven CX design will change the customer experience for ever.

Vhi Healthcare Maeve O'Gorman

In adopting a truly customer-centric approach to the design and development of the Vhi app, we’ve created, with the help of Graphite Digital, a best-in-market digital customer experience for our 60,000+ unique monthly app users. This success was achieved by carefully balancing the needs of both our audience and our business, and ensuring decisions were always evidence-based. Launching our new app dashboard in 2021 has resulted in significantly increased engagement with our app, and overwhelmingly positive comparative feedback from customers. Enhancing the usability of our app helps empower our customers to take control of their health and wellbeing through seamless access to services and information.