Marketing Innovation & Creativity Award

Diageo Ireland Hannah Todd


When the On Trade closed in March 2020, we saw consumers go to incredible lengths to create the iconic Guinness Draught pint pour at home – from jewellery cleaners to electric toothbrush’s…Guinness has created a new way to enhance and premiumise the consumers Guinness experience, no matter their location. Guinness NITROSURGE is a new dispense technology that puts the craft of the Guinness two part pour in your hands, delivering beautiful Guinness time after time

AIB Sarah Gallagher


In a saturated market, one of the key challenges for financial institutions is how to secure a strong future pipeline for loans, mortgages and wealth propositions through the acquisition of new young customers. AIB developed an innovative marketing approach through the AIB Future Sparks programme and reforestation initiative. This innovation enables AIB to differentiate themselves in the market by positioning the brand as youth centric and customer first. This work has resulted in AIB leading the conversation around life skills, supporting the next generation, engaging in a creative and innovative way and driving a 7% increase in Youth acquisition.

AIG John Gillick


In 2021 AIG Ireland was tasked with bringing a suite of new accident & health (A&H) products to the Irish market to replace products that do not have demand. This created the need to use and leverage creative and innovative marketing strategies to create the demand. AIG Ireland was tasked with coming up with a successful strategy to be implemented worldwide. AIG, in partnership with Future Proof Media, employed Consumer Neuroscience to help test the market, the messaging, the product, and even potential names. Valuable insights resulted in two highly impactful campaigns for the two flagship products in the A&H range

Irish Life Karl Symes


Smart Invest is Ireland’s first digital investing solution to guide decision making and give people the confidence to get a better return on their savings, all from their mobile phone. With the help of Folk WT, Smart Invest quickly became Irish Life’s top selling digital financial product, generating 4 times the amount of site traffic in one month compared to the previous quarter and accounting for 35% of digital sales. Of these, 2 in 5 came from the under 35s making Smart Invest Irish Life’s ‘youngest’ product as well as an ideal entry point into other Irish Life financial products.

WaterWipes Susan Winder


What’s truly innovative and creative about our move to biodegradable wipes, is despite complexities and challenges in production, we remained true to our credentials – quality and purity, with minimal ingredients, and maintained the positive product experience consumers expect from our brand. We were also the first mainstream global brand to launch a biodegradable offering across our entire range, bringing innovation to the category for our retail customers, and growing the category as a result. So, a win for our consumers, a win for our customers and a win for our brand, in a category dominated by two CPG heavyweights.