All Ireland Marketing Champion 2014

Teeling Whiske John Teeling


John Teeling is an entrepreneur who has demonstrated through his varied career an understanding of markets and a skill in serving them profitably. He has had at least three career strands in his life so far, academic, explorer and whiskey distiller. He has established numerous companies, some of which are listed on the London Stock Exchange. As Executive Chairman of the 162 Group, which today owns multiple businesses in mining, exploration and alternative energy, John’s highest profile venture, Cooley Whiskey, was sold to Jim Beam for $95 million, and he is currently building a number of new distilleries. Like many successful businesspeople, John began working while still a teenager, and by winning a number of scholarships he was able to undertake third-level studies in business. John has had a long career in Irish business. He lectured in Business Administration at UCD for 20 years, and he holds degrees from UCD (B.Comm, M.Econ.Sc.), an MBA from Wharton Business School, and a doctorate from Harvard Business School. John is a firm believer in the necessity for Ireland to develop our own sustainable, competitive native Irish business base in order to ensure our long-term success. He also passionately believes in the need for marketing to be entrepreneurial in nature, idea-driven, practical, energetic, resilient and prepared to take calculated risks.