One of the most visible outputs of marketing is the ad campaign, a series of messages sharing a single theme, often appearing across different media. This award aims to recognise a firm which has deployed an advertising campaign to support marketing strategies and build the brand, conveying key messages and perspectives about a product or a business. The judges will be interested in the strategic thinking behind the campaign, the setting of specific objectives, the clarity of the desired positioning, the creative approach, the media platform selection, and the tangible business results achieved.

Vodafone Ireland Niall Reynolds


In 2022 Vodafone set out to tackle the world’s fastest growing waste stream head on, galvanising the brand and business to bring a first to market smartphone Tradein service, tool and campaign to Ireland designed to empower positive behaviour change at scale. The ‘Home of Trade In’ campaign firmly positions Vodafone as a place where consumers can be rewarded for trading in their used phones and resulted in a ten-fold increase in trade-ins, smashing all KPIs, and cementing Vodafone’s position as a sustainability leader in Ireland.

Lidl Linda FitzGerald


To drive growth we needed to increase spend per trip per customer. Advertising was tasked to be the catalyst for making this happen. Our answer- a rallying call to Go Full Lidl and shop without compromise on price, quality or range. We launched this with a bang with an extensive cross-channel and in-store campaign heroing real shoppers. Go Full Lidl smashed all adverting testing norms in memorability, likeablility, engagement and persuasion. And adverting success turned into business success – growth in share and spend per shopper. Undeniably the nation did Go Full Lidl as a result of our advertising campaign.

The National Lottery Maebh Gleeson


During the winter of 2021, the National Lottery brand faced its most challenging reputational test in its 30-year history. An unprecedented Lotto Rollover led to an onslaught of fake news. This damaged the brand, put the business at risk and shook the entire 250 employees who work tirelessly for the benefit of the community. They took a brave and risky move to proactively correct the fake news head-on. This led to the highly visible ‘90% back to the community’ advertising campaign. Six months later – the brand reputation, employee morale and the sustainability of the business has been restored.

Pilgrim's Food Masters Ashley O’Sullivan


Although Denny is Ireland’s oldest meat brand, it risked extinction. Faced with new brand ownership and consumers moving to competitors, it needed greater meaning to survive – a meaning it found in a story about the simple pleasures in life, told in the right way. True to life, the profound is so often found in the small and simple pleasures of life. By bringing to life a perfect family moment with a seamless brand role, Denny was back in its rightful place in the nation’s hearts – and fridges.

Sky Ireland Gill Senior


Sky Ireland were facing challenges in a declining Pay TV market, with increased competition from streaming services. As the best aggregator of content & technology in the market, the introduction of Sky Glass, the New TV from Sky, was the next evolution of TV in the market, and ensured Sky would future proof their TV business. Led by consumer insights, the advertising campaign to launch Sky Glass focused on unpacking the features in an impactful way to build comprehension of product features. This campaign delivered customer growth to Sky and helped Glass become the number 1 selling TV in the market.