Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Businesses today are more conscious of the need for exemplary corporate citizenship, driven not just by stakeholder expectations, but also by the business impact of an enhanced corporate reputation and consequent brand loyalty. Marketing is the key to success in CSR, as this is the function with the deepest expertise in meaningful communication and engagement. This award aims to recognise businesses which are leading the field in this increasingly important activity. Entrants should be able to point to customer and employee engagement, the linking of the CSR initiative with the brand identity, and the results and benefits obtained.

Glenveagh Homes Annette Mcgarry


At Glenveagh, community is at the heart of what we do. As well as building lasting communities across Ireland, our key objective is to add value to our communities in a meaningful way ensuring a positive legacy for years to come. In addition to providing muchneeded support to charities, sports clubs and community groups across the country, we actively work with schools, informing children about construction site safety, and host career talks and work placements for young people with our educational partners in disadvantaged areas. The result – exponential growth of Builds Communities and not just Homes score in 2022.

Diageo Ireland Liam El Sibai


37% of Irish people feel that advertising in Ireland does not represent our modern and diverse society. As one of Ireland’s largest advertisers we didn’t feel comfortable with this. Diageo wanted to boldly challenge the traditional way that marketing departments have looked at inclusion and diversity. We believe that through our brands, we can create positive change for minority communities in Ireland. Diageo has started a significant change in the Irish media landscape through championing progressive partners and content, helping to create a more representative and connected society that celebrates diversity

AIB Cian Corbett


The ongoing pandemic, war in Europe and rising costs ensured that 2022 was a time of vulnerability for AIB’s customers. AIB’s staff was emerging from a transformation programme, whilst AIB faced heightened scrutiny due to the withdrawal of other banks from Ireland. Buoyed by the impact of its recent support for the GOAL Mile, and fuelled by its own brand and business commitment to sustainable communities, AIB sought to step up further with GOAL, broadening the relationship to drive customer and employee engagement, enabling it to have momentous impact on GOAL’s ability to support the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Valeo Foods Anne-Marie Kelly


The Odlums Big Book of Baking launched in October 2022 and has raised over €202,000 in under 6 months for the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation. Funding 11,222 nursing hours for the 400 families under the care of Jack and Jill, this is the latest initiative from Odlums to support their long-standing charity partners and continues the Odlums legacy of inspiring Ireland’s bakers. The book has been met with a wonderful response and has delivered amazing results for both the Odlums brand and Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation. #thebookthatbakesadifference

Aldi Ireland Liz Fox


When Covid radically signified a substantial increase in the number of young families seeking help to meet basic meal requirements, it was imperative that ALDI maintained its strong brand affinity and continued to give back to the people who needed support the most. ALDI responded by developing an impactful partnership with Barnardos to create a powerful pledge to raise €1 million, providing direct support to families and vulnerable children of Barnardos as well as other essential supports. The synergy between ALDI and Barnardos is inimitable and as a result, the partnership has been extended for a further two years.