Customer experience (CX) drives loyalty. It refers to the cumulative impact of multiple touch points over the course of a customer’s interaction with an organisation, measured against the individual’s expectations. Organisations that master CX achieve exceptional satisfaction levels, leading to increased customer loyalty and consequent business success. This is invariably based upon a deep customer-centric approach. This award will recognise organisations that are performing to the highest levels in CX, with a compelling shared CX vision, a joined-up strategy, a commensurate culture, customer journey mapping and consistent delivery, culminating in excellent business results.

Permanent TSB Catherine Hegarty


Implementing Permanent TSB’s first ‘Customer Experience Strategy’ in order to deliver a vision, passion and roadmap for CX differentiation, customer-centric continuous improvement and cultural transformation, with all colleagues captivated in delivering outstanding customer experience. The implementation of this strategy has helped position CX as ‘the Golden Thread’ in everything we do, acting as a key enabler of our defined Purpose (‘to work hard every day to build trust with our Customers’), and Ambition (‘To be Ireland’s Best Personal and Small Business Bank’) – framing our future as a top-quartile

Guinness Storehouse Clare Dunphy


The Guinness Storehouse (GSH) set out to deliver a bestin-class customer experience and position itself as a must-visit Christmas destination, focused on the domestic visitor. The Home of Guinness was transformed into an immersive festive spectacular under the creative direction of award-winning Dublin born artist Grif. The GSH captured the spirit of Christmas by extending an emotional message to customers and inviting them to a unique experience for visitors, to come together with friends and family in a magical setting. The attraction drew large visitor numbers, delivered an “only Guinness can do” customer experience, and landed the GSH in culture.

ESB Networks Dervla O'Flaherty


It’s an exciting time in the energy industry with a never-before-seen transformation that our Networks for Net Zero strategy sets out to address. “Empowered Customer” is a core pillar of our strategy to embed customer centricity across the organisation and empower customers as they shift to an all-electric lifestyle. The CX programme is focused on simplifying customer journeys, expanding the scope and range of selfserve applications, introducing new services and ensuring that the customer is top of mind in decision making, investments and everything we do.

Vhi Marie Collier


Vhi had a challenge at hand to launch a new healthcare facility in 2022. Building to this launch for many years, Vhi’s Marketing Team identified that in order to realise the organisation’s vision aligning the full proposition funnel, not only traditional communications channels, was essential. Using insights + analysis, customer and patient experience, journey mapping, core design principles, new marketing channels and a through the line, omni-channel Marketing campaign Vhi aligned across a common goal to launch Vhi 360 Health Centre Carrickmines which ultimately delivered both marketing and commercial results and a world-class customer experience.

Irish Life Barbara Duffy


We believe there are many reasons why we’ve achieved such strong results this year. It’s less to do with us exceeding our targets and more to do with the customer centric culture we have actively fostered over the last 7 years. While the variety of cross-functional initiatives we deliver change every year, our singular focus on ‘Making it Easy’ for our customers has not. We do this by continuously improving our customer journeys, removing complexity, and focusing on the evidence-based ‘easy’s’ that matter most to our customers, regardless of channel.