Digital Marketing Campaign Award – Consumer

Consumer Digital Marketing Campaign: The development of technology has greatly enhanced the measurability of marketing, opening up new possibilities to effectively test new options and select optimal approaches. Marketers are consequently encountering new opportunities and challenges, with lower barriers to entry and improved access to and between new masses of customers, offering new paths to profitability.

Entrants for this award should be able to demonstrate how they have devised and executed a specific consumer digital marketing campaign, leveraging technology to create real engagement with carefully-targeted audiences, and delivering clearly defined results.

Tayto Snacks Carol McCaghy


Our Where is Mr. Tayto campaign was a multiphase brand campaign aimed at putting Mr.Tayto back in the spotlight while making him more relevant to a younger cohort and unmissable in their digital world. This digital first campaign captured Gen Z’s attention through entertaining, relevant daily content. We boosted engagement throughout the campaign via polls, competitions and trends. Spectacular footage on Socials showcased a lusting-for-life Mr.Tayto full of personality and our highly reactive approach was key in reaching a new audience which has continued to grow, securing Mr.Tayto’s seat at the table with a new generation of Irish consumers!

Woodies Rebecca Stenson


Social plays an integral part in Woodie’s integrated digital activity; giving users helpful and inspiring content advertising the products they want/need, while expanding to an audience that Woodie’s never reached before. Remarketing was the backbone of our social
strategy; remarketing to users on the most scrolled platforms based on their browsing data – Dynamic by user behaviour & product categories, availability etc. Our outstanding results stem from integration, early adoptions, innovations and smart remarketing with social revenue up 123%; despite increasing competition and ever-changing consumer behaviour.

An Post Money Conor Barron


Consumer An Post Money’s Credit portfolio – a suite of Credit Cards and Loans – faced a challenging year in 2022. Operating in an increasingly competitive market, and challenged by brand and operational issues, we were set business targets to double the portfolio within a year. Our aim was to acquire significant new customers while responsibly marketing and messaging ‘Credit’. Through an understanding of the customer we devised creative messaging that resonated with the customer, and coupled with inventive digital marketing strategies that effectively communicated with the customer, we were able to outperformed both the market and all targets.

Laya Healthcare Méabh Brady


Approaching peak trading period, Laya Healthcare launched a digitally led campaign ‘Ireland’s faster urgent care’. Aware of online migration and the ever-increasing importance of digital, Laya Healthcare worked to maximise media channels and improve online conversion. Laya Healthcare’s ambition was to be wherever the target consumer was, invading online channels extending across programmatic audio, video on demand, digital outdoor, search and a revitalised approach to social. The results speak for themselves with 2022 representing the best online performance the organisation has seen since 2015.

Allianz Rachel Hanratty


We wanted to grow our brand awareness metrics to meet our ambitious business targets in a cost effective way. To make a significant difference, we strategically explored an innovative way of using technology to help us overcome our challenge and reach our target market in a unique and engaging way. We approached The Journal Media network; a perfect match for us in terms of who we wanted to reach and the insurance products we offer. This provided us with a new digital platform which achieved a number of brand objectives and significantly increased reach and engagement in a short timeframe.