Shopper Marketing has the unique role of bringing to life brand strategy, driving both sales and brand equity through nudging and influencing shoppers at that very moment when they are choosing a product or service both in-store and on-line. Understanding shopper typologies and what drives shopper behaviour is key in order to deliver shopper experiences that achieve competitive advantage. The best shopper marketing campaigns use a variety of tactics to entice the shopper at multiple touch points on their path to purchase such as displays, demonstrations, fixturisation, ambiance, social media and digital marketing and adapt execution programmes to suit differing channels or brand/product/service formats. This award will recognise organisations that are delivering effective campaigns designed to engage the shopper and guide the purchase process achieving increased brand/product/service consumption and change in shopper behaviour.

The National Lottery Susan O'Shea


With one in every two customers making the decision to play when in store, and 20% of people simply forgetting to play, getting noticed more in-store was a strategic imperative for The National Lottery. Taking a research led, evidencebased approach the marketing team set about improving it’s in-store presence. The goal, to increase sales by capturing more attention in a crowded environment. The results, a demonstrable uplift in sales through targeted interventions on the customer journey and significant capital investment to roll these changes out across the network.

Britvic Dee Cunniam


Ballygowan Hint of Fruit launched in 2022 entering the flavoured water category. We had clear objectives to drive category growth, increase brand penetration and gain market share. We deployed our three step Shopper Marketing programme for Ballygowan Hint of Fruit using a mix of tactics which were rooted in the path to purchase; pre-shop, during-shop and post-shop in order to entice the shopper across multiple touch points both in-store and online. After only one year in market we successfully recruited new shoppers into both the brand and the category delivering a triple win for our Customers, Shoppers and Britvic Ireland.

PepsiCo Ireland Liz Finlay


Our Future Of Snacks strategy highlighted a significant opportunity to drive growth in the CSN Category for both PepsiCo Portfolio and Retail Partners by delivering against unmet shopper needs for ‘healthier’ snack options – ‘Better Choices’. Shopper insights based on our ad-hoc shopper research highlighted opportunities in terms of physical availability, making ‘Better Choices’ easier to see, find and buy, and mental availability, ensuring PepsiCo’s ‘Better Choices’ brands come to mind in purchasing moments. Our twin approach of fixturisation and shopper activations to support PepsiCo ‘Better Choices’ portfolio of snacks, created a winwin for Shopper, Retail and PepsiCo brands portfolio.

Tayto Snacks Carol McCaghy


To drive Tayto brand growth, we deploy marketing activities that will drive both mental and physical availability for the brand. Below-the-line shopper marketing synchronisation of our Where is Mr. Tayto campaign allowed us to deliver a consistent message and visual across all retail channels. We used packaging, multiple formats of point of sale and digital OOH to unlock the full potential of our campaign. Tailoring our shopper marketing activations but delivering them in a unified way allowed us to create the largest impact at point of purchase which ultimately resulted in exceptional sales and market share growth for Tayto.

Heineken Ireland Debbie Mullaney


When market dynamics change, you need to work with your customers and shoppers to deliver growth in new ways. Tesco & Heineken wanted to elevate the instore experience for their shoppers. This campaign held the shopper at the heart, it listened to their needs and therefore disrupted them instore with relevant occasions. It was mutually beneficial to the category, to the brands, to the retailer but most importantly to the end user, the shopper.