The SME sector is a large and vital element in the economy of our island. Smaller companies must be particularly clever in marketing themselves and their offerings in order to compete against larger and more powerful competitors. This award is aimed at small businesses that have thought strategically about their competitive challenges, deployed effective marketing strategies to tackle them, and consequently achieved breakthroughs and profitable growth. Of particular interest will be the clever leveraging of limited resources and budgets, and the demonstration of creativity and flair in creating the success.

4tec John Dunne


4tec is a small business with an Irish designed and manufactured board game. The goal was to sell the game only online in a competitive and very price aware market. The challenges then were tight margins, a competitive season and a cluttered world of nonstop content for a company with limited resources. Through a combination of creative, pricing, targeting, web and operations we developed a campaign that was an overwhelming success. This campaign shows the importance of every part of marketing from creative, to targeting, to price and offer, to operations and is a brilliant case study in product marketing.

Pennypop Iris Kavanagh


Pennypop, a marketing agency founded in 2022, has quickly established itself as a rising star in the industry. Based in Louth, the agency has already worked with an Oscar nominee and organised sold out events. Pennypop’s expertise in social media campaigns and public relations has resulted in a doubling of their clients’ following, and they have doubled their own workforce to accommodate the impressive growth. With these achievements in just one year, Pennypop is a company to keep an eye on in the marketing industry and is poised to make an even bigger impact in the future.

ARKequine Lucy Chadwick


As a brand new startup division of an SME launched in October 2021 the business challenge was entering the market as a new business. The equine nutrition and supplements market is an extremely competitive environment with wellestablished players and high brand loyalty, so barriers to entry are high. In response to this business challenge ARKequine needed to position the brand correctly in order to stand out in this market. In order to maximise ROI of the modest marketing budget we leveraged partnerships and sponsorship to drive brand awareness, engagement and sales.

The Indie List Peter McPartlin


The Indie List was born out of a pro bono initiative to help freelancers find work during Covid. The cofounders addressed the challenge of organising, curating and making a large, disparate base of independent marketing and creative talent, easily accessible to enterprises who need it, quickly. Through a consistent focus on their strategy, they created the foundations of a sustainable business which serves a large community of professional freelancers and a growing base of Ireland’s best-known enterprises. It has generated revenues of €4m+ since launch, been profitable from quarter one and has built an international reputation amongst peer companies.

A&L Goodbody Joanne Hurley


A&L Goodbody is Ireland’s leading law firm. The challenge was creating a compelling campaign to recruit law and non-law students with a conservative budget. Additionally, we wanted to grow appetite for acquiring non-law students to our award winning programme. The key metrics were to increase brand awareness, drive new online customer acquisition and deliver a pool of the best candidates in the market during the most competitive campaign drive. From no SEO ranking to a number 1 ranking, the campaign achieved 10x the applications and tripled our visibility amongst our key target audience.