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The 6 Reasons Video Works As A Marketing Tool For Events

Posted By, Thursday 23 July 2015
Updated: Wednesday 10 February 2016

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say a video, for event promotion, is worth 100 pictures so, by extrapolation, is worth 100,000 words. That’s a lot of words.

I’ve long-believed in the effectiveness of videos for event promotion and marketing beyond that. We, at Cuckoo Events, invest a lot of time, effort and money into producing videos at our events, which we then use to market ourselves and what we do.

Last year, we worked with Youth Nation to bring their ‘Run For Your Lives’ event to life. The event is a 5km zombie-infested obstacle course. Its first outing was a massive success and part of Youth Nation’s plan from the outset was to get a really good video one of the 2014 event, knowing it would be one of the main pillars of the marketing strategy for the 2015 events.


  • You need to show people what they’re getting

We’re visual creatures and we process information better when we see things. It can be harder to effectively portray an event if you’re just describing it or writing about it on a poster.

When we’re working with a client on a new event, we work hard to convince them that producing a good video of the event will pay off big-time when marketing the event in years to come. It can sometimes be a tough sell but we know it works so we generally get it past the post.

  • Video can be created on little or no budget

Nearly everyone has a Smartphone now and you can take super video footage on them. Upload it to YouTube and then use the free Youtube Video Editor to add music and text overlays etc. It’s simple, drag and drop functionality.

With apps like Periscope and Vine there are loads of avenues for creating video / live content, which can market your events for you.

  • Video is easily distributed and shared

Smartphones, iPads and computer savviness, especially among the younger audiences, is growing at a ridiculous rate. Videos, as well as lots of other things, can be shared at the touch of a button through Facebook and Twitter which means your video has the potential to spread like wildfire.

Furthermore, once word of the video spreads, thanks to sites like Vimeo and YouTube, people who haven’t had it shared directly with them can find videos really easily.

  • Videos can contain interactive elements

It’s relatively simple to put clickable email links to Twitter and Facebook in videos too so that you can capitalise on having people’s attention there and then. This is the perfect solution for driving interested people to buy their tickets now through a link that’s overlaid onto the video.

This simply allows you to convert a lead instantaneously. This type of opportunity is the holy grail of sales, right?

  • You’ve more control over how your audience consumes your information with video

When we were launching our PaintGlow show in Ireland we produced this video. With the video, we were able to put together a script of information we wanted our audience to receive. Then we were able to choose the order in which they received it.

So we describe the show, before letting people know how to book it or who to contact. If you put the same information on a poster you’ve little control over what order this information is received by the people viewing it.

I’d go so far as to say you’ve very little control over whether they even see the info, or some of the info, at all. When itc comes to video, as long as it’s not too long and not too boring and the audience has an interest, they’ll stick with the video until the end and, thus, see all you’ve wanted them to see.

  • You can tell a story in a video

When you run events, you tell stories. You’re bringing your audience on a journey and giving them an experience that you’ve designed and hope they’ll enjoy. This can be as simple as the order you’ve scheduled the acts in, to stuff like room dressing and interactive areas, depending on the event – but they all tell stories.

It makes sense to try to tell a story in your marketing and promotional efforts. For me, these efforts are a story.


Video is probably the strongest marketing channel for events at the minute. With the ease and speed of sharing and dissemination, it’s the modern-day equivalent of a movie trailer.

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