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Meet the Lecturer...Jade Kim

Posted By The Marketing Institute, Wednesday 9 October 2019
Updated: Monday 23 September 2019


What does a lecturer at TU Dublin do?

A lecturer at TU Dublin guides students towards problem-solving methods, makes the bridge between industries and academic research, provides the class with knowledge material that will help them become the managers of tomorrow. At TU Dublin, we put emphasis on smaller classes so we can develop connections and discussions between the lecturer and the student. Lecturers are encouraged to find real case studies for their students so they can be in touch with their current and future career challenges. Being a lecturer at TU Dublin is being aware of the fact that theory has to communicate with practice.

What route did you take to this role, i.e. what did you study in college, experience on the way?

I got my MA in Management studies at Grenoble Graduate Business School in France. I then moved to Ireland to pursue a full-time PhD degree in Marketing at TU Dublin where I study Identity construction in the workplace. I have since been lecturing in UX design and Marketing environment for the full-time Msc in Digital Marketing and MA in Public Relations at TU Dublin.

How important do you think continued upskilling and education is to marketing?

As Marketing is a fast paced environment, it is important to keep up to date with the findings from Academic Research and their implications to practice in order to innovate and anticipate problems. Moreover, studying with people interested in that topic helps students improve their networking skills and creativity. Group work allows individuals to develop their interpersonal skills, their critical thinking and leadership skills which are beneficial to the managers of tomorrow. Furthermore, Marketing is a field that regroups a great variety of disciplines such as communications, psychology, project management, sales and so on. Therefore, continuing to upskill one’s education in marketing is fundamental as you will have the opportunity to cover this vast array of topics.

What benefits can attendees hope to obtain from attending training programmes?

Attendees can hope to obtain insights on up to date Marketing practices while remaining in touch with their industries as well as the ones of the other attendees. They will benefit from the discussions happening in class with their classmates when sharing their experience. Attendees can also hope to refine their working skills regarding project management, writing and presentational skills. Moreover, they will be able to gain access to more responsibilities and higher positions at work thanks to their Msc Degree that is internationally recognized.  

What do you consider as the key criteria for learning to be effective?

Curiosity, creativity, attention.

What do you believe are the challenges facing marketers today?  

I don’t think we can talk about Marketing nowadays without using the term Digital Marketing. The 3rd industrial revolution has impacted the way we collect information, communicate, build processes and even manage people. For Marketing, communications, sales channels, business models as well as regulations (ie. GDPR) have tremendously evolved which means that marketers need to keep up to date with new practices and innovations so they can anticipate changes and challenges in the industry.

How important is education in terms of career progression for marketers?

In terms of career progression, education can be seen as a passport for marketers. It is a stamp that is highly recognized and essential in a job market that is competitive. Getting a Msc means that the person acquired a higher set of skills which can make a big difference in terms of responsibilities, career progression and wages. It also means that those marketers can hope for more strategic driven positions within their companies. Education allows them to make the transition from operational tasks to strategic, decision-making ones which I believe is important for one’s personal development. 

And finally to whom do you look for professional inspiration in your role?

I look up to a MIT scholar named Sherley Turkle. She has been focusing on the impact of new technologies on human behaviour and was able to share her insights to the public (you can check her book “Alone Together” or some of her TED talks). As a researcher I find it essential to be able to translate your findings into something that concerns us all. In my opinion, establishing the link between Academic research, practice and genuine intellectual curiosity is a remarkable skill.



Jade Kim is a Program Manager for MSc in Digital Marketing & Analytics in TU Dublin.

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