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Course Review - MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics

Posted By Learning & Development Team, Friday 31 May 2019
Updated: Thursday 25 April 2019


In your own words how would you describe the MSc in Digital Marketing and


It is a great programme which is well designed, developed and delivered. Focused on professionals who want to improve their skills, increase their knowledge, grow in their careers and become experts in this competitive marketing market. The programme is 100% focused on professionals with a vast experience in the market, which makes the experience even more interesting and complete. Each subject covered during the course is critical to making this programme a perfect option for anyone who wants to boost their CV or career.



Why did you decide to complete the programme?

In my case, I come from a corporate and integrated communication background, which involves marketing in some way, but not always directly. The programme was perfect because I could expand my knowledge, acquire new skills, even remember some topics covered in college, expand my horizon on new possibilities in the market and feel well prepared to boost my career.



What aspects of the programme did you like?

As previously mentioned, the format of the programme is very well designed and focused on professionals with extensive experience in the market and a high level of knowledge. For me, that was the most interesting aspect, as it turned each talk and discussion into a profound lesson, bringing different points of view, with professionals from different sectors of the market, with incredible backgrounds and experiences to share.

The level of commitment of all parties involved in the programme is another essential point. There was also the possibility to listen and share experiences with professionals from different industries during the workshops and to work with very interesting clients during assignments and the final project. In addition, all lecturers were brilliant, which makes the experience even better.



Would you recommend the programme and why?

 I would strongly recommend this programme to anyone who wants to boost their career and open the door for new possibilities in the market. Nowadays, having a MSc on your CV from a university as TU Dublin, in partnership with The Marketing Institute is an essential key to make yourself a marketing leader in this competitive market. 


 How will you incorporate your new found knowledge into your current role? 

I still cannot incorporate all new found knowledge into my current role, but I can apply a good part of that, which is perfect. As mentioned before, this programme is perfect for professionals who want to become experts in the marketing market, to expand their horizon on new possibilities, boost their careers, and to feel well prepared for future challenges. 


Is there anything else you would like to share about the programme?

Just do it! It pays off every amount spent, every evening and summer weekend in class, all free time studying! All your effort will be rewarded in the end.


Interested in finding out more about the MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics starting on 17th September 2019? Click here.


MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics scholarship opportunity closes 31st May 2019. 

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Course Review - CMO Masterclass: Value of Trust to Business

Posted By Learning & Development Team, Friday 22 March 2019

In your own words how would you describe the masterclass?

 I found the session very informative and helpful – and very topical given the fact that so many categories are being disrupted by new brands or brands that have radically evolved their market position and proposition. Trust is the very essence of branding – without it, brands quickly go out of business. The origin of brands were to create trust in the product or service to the extent that consumers believed in their promise and these beliefs were matched by the customer experience consistently over time (and even exceeded at times).


Why did you decide to attend the masterclass?

The value of trust in business has become a key point of discussion at Board level in many businesses. It is linked to company reputation and the sustainability of an organisation’s business model and investor confidence in its ability to sustain future income flow; it is also linked to brands and organisations having a broader social purpose than simply shifting inventory at any expense; and it is focusing the minds of policy-makers and regulators to ensure that customers and society at large benefit from brands and their responsible marketing. So it comes an am important inflection point in the dialogue around what great marketing can add to any business to create a win/win outcome for all stakeholders, and most especially for customers.


 What aspects of the masterclass did you like?

Some powerful insights and models were shared to help participants really question how they approach this topic in a strategic manner. I came away with a couple of simple tools and ideas that are really relevant to discussions happening right now. Also getting insights from peers in other industries was really useful to highlight that many brands share similar challenges and opportunities in this area.


Would you recommend the masterclass?

I would certainly recommend this masterclass to others. I can’t think of a single category where trust is not being challenged explicitly or implicitly on multiple fronts – food & beverages, social media & media in general, entertainment & leisure, healthcare, retail, telcos, technology, automotive, etc. And where trust becomes challenged, it creates opportunities for others to gain competitive advantage and for the category incumbents to be leapfrogged or forced into reactive mode.


How will you incorporate your new found knowledge into your current role?

I think the strategic framework can be very useful to engage senior stakeholders across different functional areas within the business – everyone can see the positive and negative impact management decisions and actions can have on brand reputation and can relate to the case studies used to demonstrate good and bad practice. What customers believe about a brand or a company (relative to competitors) is what matters so discovering what’s in customers’ minds and hearts is always a good place to start – and how these perceptions can be addressed in the future!


Is there anything else you would like to share about the masterclass?

A useful investment of time to learn more about a highly relevant topic!

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Course Review - Executive Diploma in Strategic Digital Marketing

Posted By Learning & Development Team , Friday 22 March 2019
Course Review, Strategic Digital Marketing



In your own words how would you describe the Executive Diploma in Strategic Digital Marketing?

Firstly, I think anyone returning to study after a long period, no matter how competent they feel in their job, will approach it with a certain amount of trepidation, but thankfully the first way you are made feel when you start the course is at ease. There is an awareness that studying for many on the course can come at the end of a long working day and that lectures need to be succinct and engaging. I got a lot out of the whole process of doing the course and as well as giving me the relevant education on the topics, made me think about my work through a different lens, too.



Why did you decide to complete the programme?

While my current job doesn’t necessarily demand excellent in the topics covered, the course content would give me a broader understanding of different media. I come from a background of journalism and for the last seven years have been the other side of the fence as a PR professional, but increasingly the lines are becoming blurred between different disciplines. And I don’t think you can ever be educated ‘too much’.



What aspects of the programme did you like?

I liked the lecture format. They were for the most part, very engaging and the lecturers themselves speak to you as an equal, a far cry from when I was first in University. They are mindful of our own pressures as professionals to take on additional work and the course is broad enough to cover a huge variety of topics.



Would you recommend the programme?

 Yes, in particular for anyone that wants to fit study around a full-time job.



 How will you incorporate your new found knowledge into your current role? 

I think it will allow me to understand other elements of our business, better. While I don’t work directly in a Marketing role, I work very closely with our Marketing team and this has translated a lot of topics that previously might have been alien to me. Essentially it will make me a more rounded professional.



Is there anything else you would like to share about the programme?

 Meeting other professionals in similar roles across disparate industries was very rewarding and I have certainly made some good friends as a result.

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