“Working out which attributes you want to stand for, which ones you want to grow, which you want to reduce and whether – a year from now – you have achieved your ends, are among the most worthwhile and valuable activities a marketer can commit to.”
Mark Ritson, Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Melbourne Business School, PhD in Marketing from Lancaster University, columnist @ Marketing Week.

The deception of ‘short-termism’, and a blind focus on return-on-investment, has put pressure on Marketers to plan and invest almost exclusively based on achieving immediate return.
Strategy to build long-term meaningful engagement and profitability has never been so critical to avoid the trap of devaluing your brand and future profits.

A one day course to give you confidence in how best to approach developing a marketing strategy in your business and the importance of segmenting, targeting and positioning your brand in a competitive market. To ensure generation of leads, achieving the organisation’s commercial goals and drive future growth and users.

The session has been designed to equip mid-level Marketers with tools and techniques and a framework for designing a marketing strategy for products or services.


Step 1 – Understand your product from the customer’s perspective
Avoiding hypothesis and bias, the need for good qualitative research, and identifying relevant brand attributes.

Step 2 – Understand the market and segment accordingly
Defined by customers wants and behaviors.

Step 3 – Clear logical targeting
Where do I want to go? Where do I not want to go?

Step 4 – Positioning
Identifying the core DNA of brand and messaging approach.

Step 5 – Strategic objectives
Key initiatives to achieve stated goals.


Aoife Moreton
01-216 0224

Course Trainer


Annette Ní Dhathlaoi

Commercial & Strategic Marketing Consultant

Annette has extensive experience in Commercial & Marketing leadership & senior management roles across a range of industries including Insurance, Telcos, Utilities, Food & Drink.

With over 25 years experience, she has been responsible for many innovative and strategically important Marketing challenges including the rebrand of Avonmore Milk & Cream, and developing and launching the Avonmore Whipped Cream product; halting the market share decline of Lyons Tea; rationalising the customer portfolio in An Post; launching Sol, Paulaner and Moretti for Heineken Ireland; leading the team that launched Electric Ireland, including Gas, for ESB; establishing Liberty Insurance as a key player in the Irish general insurance market, and delivering award-winning advertising, media, sponsorship and digital initiatives

She provides a very pragmatic approach to developing strategy for internal buy-in and key partner agency alignment.