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Email Marketing Insights 2012/13

The Marketing Institute, in partnership with Newsweaver, has yet again generated an important report that gives marketers an insight into how their peers in Ireland are utilising email marketing to create value for their organisations.

Email emerges from the 2012 Email Marketing Insight Report as an indispensable channel for Irish marketers to enable them sustain relationships with their core audiences. The report outlines how the increasing adoption of email software to manage email marketing campaigns is reaping dividends for businesses through higher open rates and verifiable return on investment. These characteristics of email marketing are behind Irish marketers’ readiness to invest in email as a channel as stated in the report.

Irish marketers’ increasing ability to serve personalised content has allowed Irish companies to improve the value garnered from email marketing campaigns. As the digital revolution generates larger and larger volumes of data, the importance of leveraging this data to create value has never been more critical for businesses competing in today’s demanding business climate. Evidence in the report of increased tracking of email marketing is a welcome trend. It is imperative for marketers, in particular, in this challenging environment to defend their position and influence by establishing a clear link between their activities and the bottom line.

Respondents reported a large increase in the integration of social media and email marketing. While a debate rages about how to measure the impact of social media on ROI, the case study provided in the report demonstrates the value of a multi-channel approach to digital marketing. While linking social media spend to ROI and integrating social media data into CRM systems remains a challenge for many marketers, email provides an amplification effect that helps link social media activities to ROI.

Irish marketers view the rapid adoption of mobiles and tablets by consumers as providing valuable opportunities for businesses to more closely engage with their customers. There’s never been a more exciting time for marketers engaged in email marketing.


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