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Delivering a Smarter Shopping Experience with Predictive Analytics

The rules of the marketplace have changed for retailers. Consumers are more empowered than ever before as they incorporate new technologies and actionable information into their daily lives. With the Internet and social media, consumers now have instantaneous access to a wealth of content about retailers and their products. This gives them the power to seek a more personal and smarter shopping experience.

Five High-Value Uses for Big Data

IBM has conducted surveys, studied analysts’ findings, talked with more than 300 customers and prospects and implemented hundreds of big data solutions. As a result, it has identified five high-value use cases that enable organizations to gain new value from big data, as listed below:

Big data exploration: find, visualize and understand big data to improve decision making.

Enhanced 360-degree view of the customer: enhance existing customer views by incorporating internal and external information sources.

Security/intelligence extension: reduce risk, detect fraud and monitor cybersecurity in real time.

Operations analysis: analyse a variety of machine data for better business results and operational efficiency.

Data warehouse modernization: integrate big and traditional data warehouse capabilities to gain new business insights while optimizing the existing warehouse infrastructure.

These are not intended to be sequential or prioritized. It doesn’t matter where users start; it just matters that they start. The key is to identify which use cases make the most sense for the organisation given the challenges it faces.


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