MII and TU Dublin will hold an open lecture on Friday 5th November for those who wish to learn more about the programme.


This Certificate in Growth Marketing for SMEs will provide learners with sought-after data-driven digital growth marketing skills to grow businesses and solve user needs. Participants will learn growth strategies, tactics & tools used by the world’s leading growth teams. The purpose of this course is to empower people working in SMEs, Microbusinesses, and solopreneur contexts to gain traction and growth for their business using digital tools and a growth mind-set.

Participants will learn to help their business stand-up, start-up and scale-up using a growth marketing approach. The syllabus for this module is designed to enable participants from a non-marketing background to acquire, convert and scale their customer base. Central to scaling their business will be an awareness of how digital technologies can be leveraged in an agile, and cost-effective, way. Participants will be introduced to a large number of cloud software tools, many of which are free SAAS types, which can enable their company to actively pursue a digital transformation journey. Participants will be joined by expert mentors and industry leaders as they complete a growth marketing plan for their enterprise.

The key to the success of this course will be the development of a truly flipped-classroom approach to learning. A strong emphasis will be made on developing practical learning opportunities that participants can bring to their own context of upskilling or reskilling to bring marketing skills to organisations who have a gap in this area.

5 November 2021,12-1pm


Online Learning


Dr. Kisito Futonge Nzembayie


Cassie Foy





Academic and Digital Entrepreneur

Dr. Kisito Futonge Nzembayie

Dr. Kisito Futonge is an academic and digital entrepreneur who teaches, practices and researches at the intersection between Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital Growth Marketing and E-commerce. As a serial digital entrepreneur, he owns a portfolio of successful online businesses in EdTech. His most popular ventures include Kizphonics.com & Eslgamesplus.com – which have attracted over 70 million global visits since going live in 2013 and continue to draw some 15 million visits annually.

As an academic, he holds a Ph.D. in Digital Entrepreneurship and an MSc in Business and Entrepreneurship from the Technological University (TU) Dublin. At present, he lectures whole time at the Faculty of Business, TU Dublin.
Dr. Kisito’s research has been published in top-ranked journals of his field – such as the European Management Review and Journal of Business Venturing Insights. His book, which is titled – Digital Entrepreneurship: Disruption & New Venture Creation – is currently being reviewed for publication by renowned academic publisher Edward Elgar.

Having lived on three continents of the globe, Dr. Kisito brings a rare combination of rich experiences to his students.