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Career Stages 1+2


Career Stages 1 & 2

(Recent & Experienced Graduate 0-3 years experience)



Business Competencies


Action & Results (Drive, Energy, Persistence, Performance)

Ethics & Integrity (Role Model, Values)

Planning & Prioritising (Structured, Aligned)


Technical Marketing Competencies


Digital Marketing (Strategy, Capability, Integration)

Marketing Campaigns (Communications, Advertising, Brand)

Research (Analysis, Customer Insights)

Customer Centricity (Expectations, Relationships, Data)

Behavioural People Competencies


Communication & Interpersonal Skills (Listen, Impact)

Relationship Management (Sustainable, Effective Relationships)

Resilience (Overcomes Obstacles, Bounces Back)

Key Learning Experiences on the job


Already gained

N/A entry level or

Working across cultures

Will be gained

New responsibilities

Broader scope

Likely Next Steps


Junior Marketing Manager, generalist or specialist



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