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Career Stages

Marketer Pathways Career Stages

 This worksheet can be used to     target your career or professional        journey.
 Using the Career Stages Worksheet   the current role and career stage
 can be plotted.

 The value of plotting a career course,   in terms of career stage and type of   role, is that it allows an evaluation of   what is needed to get there. It allows   an evaluation of the types of competencies and the functional and sector experience that have been achieved to date. It then enables a consideration of the types of roles, competencies, sector and functional experience which may be needed, to achieve our career objective.

Here Career Development questions can be asked;

  • Where am I/ the member now?
  • Where is my / the team members, next move?
  • Are there clear career ambitions?
  • What is the longer goal? 

Career Stages 1 & 2

(Recent & Experienced Graduate 0-3 years experience)

Example Roles: Marketing Executive, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Specialist 


Career Stages 3 & 4

(Junior Manager 3-5 years experience / Senior Manager 5-10 years)

Example Roles: Junior Marketing Manager - General or Specialist


Career Stages 5 & 6

(Director or CMO 10 to 15+ years experience)

Example Roles: Marketing Director, Specialist or Generalist, CMO, Agency Head 

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