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Competency Framework


Business Competencies

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As marketing professionals, it is critical that we understand our organisation - internally, its purpose, priorities and strategic direction, externally, the commercial context and trends that influence the internal factors.

Practical business knowledge, planning, project management, change management and customer focus are some of the competencies addressed in this section. These business competencies will serve you throughout your career, regardless of role or level. 



 1. Action Orientation                           9. Making a Business Impact  
 2. Change Orientation      10. Organisational Awareness
 3. Commercial Awareness      11. Planning and Priority Setting 
 4. Continuous Improvement     12. Project Management
 5. Customer Focus     13. Results and Achievement Focus
 6. Decision Making and Judgment     14. Risk Management
 7. Governance and Compliance     15. Strategic Perspective and Thinking
 8. Innovation     16. Integrated Thinking



Marketer Competencies

This section focuses on Marketing specific competencies and indicative behaviours. At each level we describe the core areas of marketing specialisation from brand, channel, digital marketing and new product

At the early career stages, you can use this to explore areas of specialisation, at the latter career stages it will aid you in facilitate
the development of your marketing team. 




 1. Analytics                  7. Customer Experience 
 2. Brand 8. Digital Marketing
3. Build Marketing Capability 9. Marketing Campaigns/Communication
4. Channel Management 10.New Product Development
5. Customer and Marketing Centric 11.Research
6. Corporate Communications 12.Strategic Marketing


People Competencies

Collaborating, influencing, leading, communicating, negotiating: all activities that have people at the core. Focusing on the competencies highlighted in this section will give you a deep understanding of the range of people and leadership practices that you and your team will need to be effective. They are relevant to any role, in any industry. 

 Building on your people competencies will enable you to make an impact and develop capability in your team and across your organisation. 



1. Challenging The Status Quo                 7. Leadership
2. Communications / Interpersonal Skills 8. Negotiation Skills
3. Conflict Management 9. People Management
4. Developing People 10. Relationship Management
5. Ethics and Integrity 11. Resilience
6. Influencing 12. Team Building

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