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Delivering a Smarter Shopping Experience with Predictive Analytics

The rules of the marketplace have changed for retailers. Consumers are more empowered than ever before as they incorporate new technologies and actionable information into their daily lives. With the Internet and social media, consumers now have instantaneous access to a wealth of content about retailers and their products. This gives them the power to seek a more personal and smarter shopping experience.

2 Data Drives the Experience

2 Personalised Mobile Marketing

3 What Does the Research Reveal?

4 Predictive Analytics Takes Retail to the Next Level

5 What’s in Your Basket?

5 Data-Driven Decisions Deliver Better Results

5 Applying Predictive Analytics

6 Your Analytics Journey

6 The maturity Model

7 IBM Leading the Way in Retail

7 A Smarter Merchandising & Supply Chain

7 Building Smarter Operations

7 Conclusion


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