Course Description

This course, delivered over 4 half-days ( 9.30am -12.30pm) has been devised by the Marketing Institute precisely to help you to create the optimal strategy for all aspects of your marketing. As the professional body for marketing people in Ireland, we understand the complexities and the realities faced by marketers in the real world, and this course reflects the need for practicable responses to the most common challenges facing our members in grappling with digital challenges and opportunities. The consumer in this digital age expects marketers to be creative and personalised with their messaging, to deliver through the channel what they want, at the exact moment they want it. So how do you keep your strategy updated when your focus is a moving target?

Our signature  “Marketing Strategy & Tactics in a Digital World” course will enable you to stay on top of your game and implement the optimal strategy for your organisation in 2021.

In this course we aim to show you how to boost your short term marketing results via proven techniques, how to build long-term sustainable competitive advantage by developing a more strategic perspective, and how to become a world class marketer (if you do everything we recommend on this course).

We’ll walk you through all you need to know to knock your plan into shape for the year ahead, and beyond. We’ll show you how to avoid the classic mistakes, exploit new digital tactical tools, build an integrated strategy, develop your plan and measure results to ensure you continually boost your results. We are delighted to have this course led by our colleague and long-standing Institute member, PR Smith a leading luminary in digital marketing internationally, and best-selling author, trainer and consultant.

The online delivery will be an interactive experience with continued engagement between the trainer and the class throughout the duration of the sessions.


25 February 2021



Feb 25th &26th
March 4th&5th.


Paul Smith


Part 1

Part 2

By the end of this course...

You will be able to write the perfect Digital Marketing Plan:

  • Analyse Your Market
  • Clarify Your Objectives
  • Develop Your Strategy
  • Exploit Tactical Channels
  • Avoid The Classic Mistakes
  • Measure & Improve Performance via Constant Beta Culture

You will understand:

  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Social Media & The Ladder Of Engagement
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Toolset (pros & cons)
  • 20 Essentials to establish credibility & trust
  • 10 Tactical tools to get more visitors (advantages & disadvantages)
  • 10 Conversion Actions (visitors to customers)
  • 5 Conversion Actions ( customers to lifetime customers)
  • The classic mistakes and pitfalls to avoid online
  • Best Practice tips, techniques and golden rules

You will also:

  • Advance your career with practical knowledge
  • Have access to continual improvement via some online tutorials, articles and my blog posts plus facebook marketing updates whenever you need them in the future.

Marketer Pathways Competencies

Marketer Competencies

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing

Business Competencies

  • Action & Results
  • Ethics & Integrity
  • Planning & Prioritisation
  • Change & Improvement

People Competencies

  • Negotiation Skills

Course Trainer

PR Smith

Author and presenter

Dublin born and bred, living in London, Paul is one of the world’s most celebrated integrated digital marketing writers and dynamic speakers. He helps professionals to become world-class marketers.    Paul writes best-selling marketing books; delivers engaging talks around the world (also a TEDx Talker) and advises companies (including Ireland’s Mainstream Renewable Power, now the largest renewable energy company in the world). Paul is also the creator of the SOSTAC® Planning framework and the founder of the Not-For-Profit edutainment programme, the Great Sportsmanship Programme. See more PR Smith Feedback.