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September Marketing Breakfast – Creating Better Business with MCCP: Insight at the Speed of Covid

with Deirdre Watters, Head of Communications at the Department of Health

Deirdre Watters discusses the Department’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and how they utilised agile research methodologies and ways of working to adapt to the ever-changing context. Deirdre was joined by Kay McCarthy, CEO at MCCP who discussed how MCCP worked with the Department of Health to deliver agility on this project.

Marketing 5s: Trends for the Contrarian Marketer

with with Jon Lombardo and Peter Weinberg, Global Leads at the B2B Institute at LinkedIn

Jon Lombardo and Peter Weinberg discuss: Trends For The Contrarian Marketer: Bet Your Business On These 5 Marketing Trends That *Won’t* Change. Marketers always want to know: “what will change?” But, Jeff Bezos asks a more important question: “what won’t change?” Why does “what won’t change” matter more? Because as Bezos advises, you can build a business on ideas that won’t change.

Insightful Thinking Programme

with Tony Franco & Richard Oldham

Tony Franco & Richard Oldham give MII members a taster session of their new 8 week Insightful Thinking Programme. Tony & Richard answer any questions about the programme and discuss how Bord Bia who recently completed the course found it beneficial for their whole company.

Eat.Drink.Trust – the importance of building Trust in Food & Beverage brands

with Darragh Rea, Senior Director in Edelman

Darragh presents brand new Irish data regarding trust in Food & Beverage brands followed by a discussion with some of the industry’s leading figures. Much is expected from the food and beverage industry and through the data and panel discussion we looked at:

  • How is trust faring in the F&B industry?
  • How are people engaging across different categories?
  • What are the key trends emerging?
  • What can companies do to build trust? 

Irish Retail eCommerce: Overlooked and Undercooked, No More

with Robert Flavin, Director of Strategic Planning at V360

Understanding the role that eCommerce can play on removing friction at key pinch points of your customer’s purchase decision journey while also delivering reward, is critical for successful retail businesses. The phoney retail war between online and in-store is over. There is now a symbiotic integration of the physical and digital retail (Phygital). Robert Flavin explores key eCommerce themes for brands to focus on as we learn to live with Covid-19.

moments of truth

The Moments of Truth

with PML Group

PML Group, Ireland’s leading OOH and location marketing agency, launched The Moments of Truth in Ireland. The Moments of Truth study is the world’s most comprehensive research examining the power of context and relevancy in OOH. Commissioned by Posterscope (PML Group’s UK colleagues), Clear Channel and JCDecaux it used research techniques of neuroscience, eye tracking and sales studies to understand the impact of dynamically serving Digital OOH.

July Marketing Breakfast – Creating Better Business with MCCP: A bluffer’s guide to marketing

with Paul Farrell, MD Virgin Media Television

Paul Farrell discusses some thoughts on Marketing based on his 25 year career.  He shares lessons and learnings linked to the different companies he has worked in – from Telco, Publishing, Agency to Broadcast. He also talks about the old chestnut of Marketing having greater influence on strategy and how it has to or needs to evolve from Marketing = Advertising

Take Control of your Career

with Bernie Keogh, MD of Alternatives

Good career planning is an essential ingredient in building and sustaining a successful and fulfilling career. This is particularly important for marketers with an abundance of career pathways open to them offering a huge variety of differing roles, opportunities and outcomes. Rather than leaving your career drift to chance – take control. In this webinar Bernie Keogh, MD of Alternatives takes you through a structured approach to career planning and the factors you need to take into consideration as a marketer to achieve the career of your dreams.

Growing a Sustainable eCommerce Business

with Claire Hennah, Global eCommerce Director at Unilever

Unilever brands reach 1.5bn people every day, hear about how COVID has accelerated their growth strategy for eCommerce and what plans they have to build a sustainable and profitable eCommerce business.

Navigating Covid 19: Survival, Adaptation & Recovery

with Les Binet

Much has been written about how brands should respond to COVID-19, mostly recommending we learn from previous recessions, maintain spend, and hold our course. But the Covid Crisis is not like other recessions, and lessons from the past may not always apply.

This talk shows why the current crisis is so different, and how that affects your strategy. It shows you how to tailor your marketing plan to the constraints of supply, demand and competitive context, and how to adapt it as the crisis evolves. And it discusses why thinking like a start-up may provide some useful strategic clues as lockdown is lifted.

Government, Society and Public Affairs in the New Normal

with With Joe Carmody & Feargal Purcell, Edelman

There is much speculation as to what a “new normal” might look like when the worst effects of this pandemic do eventually pass, and when it comes to Public Affairs that new normal is probably already here.

Now more than ever the line between citizen and consumer is becoming blurred. This has significant implications for marketing. Arguably everything is now a public affair. Every decision a business makes, every direction a government gives is being done in the context of survival, the survival of businesses across the country and the survival of our social fabric as we currently understand it.

Marketing During and After the Challenge of the Coronavirus

with Mark Ritson

The coronavirus crisis is testing us all, but marketers need to think long-term and keep building their brands, protecting their staff and honouring their values.
Now is not the time to shy away from talking about customers and business, it may seem superficially mercantile to discuss brands, pricing and customer behaviour as we stare down the barrel of a pandemic. But the practical reality of global economic trade means that we need to market now for the good of all mankind. Join Mark Ritson in the discussion of our role in marketing during and after the challenge of COVID-19.

How to advertise in a crisis

with Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer at System1 and author of advertising’s ‘repair manual’ Lemon (IPA, 2019)

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many advertisers to stop advertising; some are reviewing their campaigns and creating new work to show how they are responding to the crisis. There are many good reasons to continue advertising if you can, but how do you advertise in this very peculiar recession – one caused by disease? Join Orlando Wood to learn whether brands can and should continue with their pre-existing work, how new ads are performing today and what kind of work is connecting well – and less well – in the pandemic.

The Power of One

with Carole Ann Clarke, Chief Experience Officer of I Am Here, Resilience Coach, Mental Health Coach and Leadership Coach

We have all demonstrated agility, flexibility and adaptability in recent times, building our resilience and outlook on life. As we transition into recovery, we all have an opportunity to influence how we work and live as a society. Carole Ann Clarke takes us through strategies to implement positive change in your workplace.

Hungry for a kinder world: FoodCloud’s journey from food waste to kindness

with Vivienne Lawlor, Head of Communications at FoodCloud

Vivienne Lawlor shares the story of how this Irish Social Enterprise has grown from one single donation from a farmers market in Dublin in 2013 to the redistribution of 75 M meals across Ireland, the UK and beyond.

Content Marketing During Covid-19

With Gina Miltiadou of Zahra Media Group

The world hasn’t stopped, it’s just gone inside…and now that everyone is inside, your brand’s content marketing has never been more important as a means of reaching your target audience.

When the Going gets Tough

Career Talk with Colin Lewis

Join Colin in a frank conversation about how to restart your career – regardless of what happen and to get some ideas how to improve your sense of direction, confidence and capability and navigate successfully through the current challenges – based on real hard-won experience.

The New Rules of Trust

with Lucy Jameson, Co- Founder of Uncommon

Trust has changed, but how? Lucy Jameson takes us through the importance of building trust in COVID-19 and the looming recession and just how to build brand trust today’s economy.

Stay Strong, Adapt & Survive

with Rand Fishkin, CEO and Founder of SparkToro

The physical limitations of our pandemic world, and the knock-on effects of rough economic waters are hitting nearly every business. But, even amidst these dark times, there are beacons of opportunity, markets in need of serving, and people to whom you can be useful (and earn goodwill in exchange). In this presentation, Rand Fishkin will show some of the more surprising and positive macro-level trends we can expect in the year ahead, and how to read the room, find opportunity, and leverage your strengths.

What can we learn from bees at a time of change?

Webinar with Karen O’Neill, Founder of Beekon Batches

Founder of Beekon Batches, Honey Refresher, Karen O’Neill’s talk is inspired by her co creator, the honey bee. Karen gives us a perspective of her entrepreneurial approach in a time of uncertainty and change, through the lens of the bee. Shaped and inspired by bee-haviour Karen’s story gives us an interesting insight into her journey and lessons learnt in launching a new drinks brand and category in Ireland and in particular how the last 4 years journey has shaped her response to the last 8 weeks.

The Power of Networking

with Kingsley Aikins, CEO of The Networking Institute 

Networking has always been important but, when this crisis passes, it will be more important than ever. We are all, by nature, social creatures and need to network our way to success. This webinar will give you tools and methodologies to develop a strong and diverse network, help you audit your network and outline a precise 4 step process to building your network. It is all about changing attitudes, altering behaviour and learning new skills. As part of this webinar Kingsley will show you how to develop your personal brand to become known not famous, how to use serendipity to benefit you and how to build diversity in your network.

Mintel Big Conversations: Nature Vs Science

This year, Mintel’s Big Conversation explores the relationship between science and nature, using the latest data to forecast how it will play out in consumers’ lives between now and 2030.

Over the next ten years, the global food and drink industry will need to transform if it is to meet the demands of a sustainable planet. Scientific and technological advances are instrumental in helping to make the food and drink industry more sustainable. But modern consumers are skeptical of science and are seeking more natural – rather than synthetic – solutions.

The Conscious Consumer

with Dentsu Aegis Network

Today, consumers are more informed, more aware and more discerning when it comes to how they think about their purchasing and consumption. Not only are they increasingly changing behaviour for health and environmental impact reasons, but everything from gender equality and new product alternatives are changing how they behave and what they buy.

Electric scooters, vaping and even worries about gun control are now influencing our choices in Ireland. As marketers, it’s imperative to understand the drivers behind the behaviour of our consumers.

Irish Consumers After COVID-19

with Gerard O’Neill, Chairman of  Amárach Research

What are the prospects for Irish consumer markets after Covid-19?  Gerard O’Neill will share new research by Amárach looking at forecasts for Irish consumer spending through 2020 into 2021 across three scenarios: ‘Bounce’, ‘Crash’ and ‘Pivot’.  He will also examine short term vs long term prospects, focusing on the categories that will recover first and those that will lag behind.  Finally he will provide insights into the post-covid consumer: their values, priorities and needs and what it means for marketing in general and brand communications in particular.

Brand Survival in the Now Economy

with Kay McCarthy, CEO of MCCP 

In these uncertain and difficult times for all, we in MCCP are continuously adapting to this (now). As a team we are working to bring our research, strategy, culture and innovation expertise to our client’s business in a focused and pragmatic way. We understand right now, the most important thing we can do is talk and listen. MCCP’s founding ethos is built around insight that impacts. Every day we are listening deeply to clients, to consumers and to the industry to unearth insight. Now more than ever we believe it is truly important for businesses to be listening at a much deeper level to their customers in order to better serve their real needs in this time of crisis. Over the next few days, we will be hosting online groups with consumers from all over Ireland to listen deeply to their thoughts, feeling and concerns. We want to help clients meet consumers where they are truly at.

Covid-19 What Next for Brand and Business?

with Jay Gallagher, Executive Director – Strategic Planning at Edelman

The rapidly evolving coronavirus outbreak has not only presented an alarming health crisis, it is also causing significant social and economic implications across the globe. As the situation develops, it is vital that organisations are prepared for the inevitable challenges and are able to respond to them in a way that minimises any adverse impact. But what does that mean for you, your brand and your business? Edelman’s Executive Director of Planning in EMEA, Jay Gallagher talks us through what he’s seeing on the global stage and the need for brands and business to project clarity, continuity and fairness as they find their role and build a valuable action plan.

The Top 3 Mental Toughness and Motivational Strategies I Use To Create Success

Webinar with Alan Heary, Performance Coach at Alan Heary Performance

Whether in the office, in an arena or stuck at home, the secret to success is creating powerful habits. Discover 3 strategies that will help you stay motivated and face any adversity.

How brands are effectively using social media to react to Covid-19.

MSc Digital Open Lecture: How brands are effectively using social media to react to Covid-19

with Amy Tumelty

Throughout the webinar, Amy discusses the need for digital marketers to use social media to react quickly through content creation and maintain audience relationships through community management.

How Irish Brands Can Sell On Amazon – And Make Money

with Aidan Duffy, eCommerce and Marketplace Specialist at DF5 eCommerce

The COVID 19 virus has created a rapidly changing environment – all bets are off and everything is open to question. Find out how selling on Amazon has been affected by the Coronavirus and how it still represents the best way for Irish brands to be successful selling online. Aidan will explain why Amazon is the biggest opportunity in the history of eCommerce to grow your business; but it’s hard to execute. Get insight into what Amazon is; why it works, what makes it difficult, and how to make Amazon work to reach your goals.