As we are all adjusting to the new normal, it may be challenging at times to cope with the isolation from your team, the sometimes increased workload, and the stress induced by the COVID-19 outbreak. Thankfully we are lucky to have a great, tight-knit community of marketers here in Ireland who have been fantastic at launching initiatives to help others.

We have created this hub to provide a go-to place where you can find wellbeing articles from our network and the wider web, useful resources and more.

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I Am Here: New Wellbeing Initiative available for Members

At The Marketing Institute of Ireland, we would like to advocate a mental health and wellbeing culture that will enable our members and their teams to gain the courage, confidence and skills to support each other, in a very practical way, so that it becomes ok not to feel ok and absolutely ok to ask for help. Our goal as a team in the Institute is to create a culture of compassionate connection, where we look out for one another at all times.

With this focus, we are delighted to partner with  I Am Here, our new mental health and wellbeing initiative. This programme is now available to all members of the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

See below for more information on how you can get involved.

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by Geraldine O’Neill

Four mental wellness strategies

In the last few weeks, we’ve read that the best thing to get through Covid-19 is to take up a new skill, start a new venture, make banana bread or transform yourself. Isn’t it funny, how in a world where ‘busy’ is a badge of honour, the idea of pausing, slowing down and taking a breath never seems to ‘trend’?

Geraldine O’Neill, Head of Marketing & Communications for global mental health and wellbeing program I Am Here, consultant and yoga teacher, outlines four mental wellness strategies that can support us year round.

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in partnership with Behaviour & Attitudes

The Employee Wellbeing Study

To support our members during Covid-19, we are partnering with Behaviour & Attitudes (B&A), who have designed a simple to use Employee Wellbeing Study to allow organisations to track the wellbeing of their staff.

Organisations will also be able to benchmark their workforce against anonymous aggregate results from other organisations taking part.

B&A and MII are providing access to a free online survey (with a unique link) to each organisation.

B&A will use the aggregated data at a total level across all organisations to report on overall Staff Wellbeing in Ireland.

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by WomanUp

Strategies and tips for coping with Covid19

WomanUp has created a resource called #CopingWithCovid19 which offers strategies and tips to help you cope with the professional and personal challenges you are likely to be facing as a result of #Covid19. It has been launched in partnership with, the website which provides information, resources and help for Irish business owners and managers and which is powered by Bank of Ireland.

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by Alan Heary

The Top 3 Mental Toughness and Motivational Strategies I Use To Create Success

Whether in the office, in an arena or stuck at home, the secret to success is creating powerful habits.

Alan Heary’s recent webinar with MII covers 3 strategies that will help you stay motivated and face any adversity.

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by Accel5

Staying Productive During COVID-19

Part of EBSCO, who power our member-only Online Marketing Library, Accel5 have created a suite of videos around productivity, stress management, and other challenges linked with Covid-19. This portal of videos is available for free to the wider community until 30th June.

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by Gemma Costello

How to have a good day at the Home Office

For some marketers, working from home has been a tough experience, whether they are parents who are trying to juggle care of their children with holding down a full-time job, or whether they are living on their own, without the comforting contact of other people to talk to.

To make the most of working from home, Gemma Costello shares a few things she has discovered from her own experience, that could potentially help other marketers.

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