The Top 3 Mental Toughness and Motivational Strategies I Use To Create Success

Webinar with Alan Heary, Performance Coach at Alan Heary Performance

Whether in the office, in an arena or stuck at home, the secret to success is creating powerful habits. Discover 3 strategies that will help you stay motivated and face any adversity.

16 April 2020,10.00am - 11.00am


Webinar hosted via Zoom


Alan Heary, Alan Heary Performance


Rachel Bowers



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Performance Coach at Alan Heary Performance

Alan Heary

Alan is a true competitor, one who has won and lost in the most extreme sport of the lot: ultra-cycling. He has competed in some of the world’s toughest endurance events, including the world-famous Race Across America. Alan doesn’t just talk about mental toughness, he lives it. Alan is the performance coach to world boxing champions Steve Collins and Johnny Ruiz as well as Olympian cyclist Ciaran Power and Olympian swimmer Nick O’Hare. Alan is recognised for his mentorship, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for strategy. He is known for his unique style of incorporating the winning strategies and tactics of his elite sport stars and applying them to his work with global brands such as Microsoft.