The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened people’s awareness of others, as well as our own self awareness when it comes to mental health.  You may recall we recently hosted a webinar on mental health with Carole Ann Clarke from I Am Here.

I Am Here’  is an evidence-based programme that trains employees to become ‘Mental Wellness Ambassadors’ and signposts existing support services in their workplace or community.  ‘I Am Here’ is is a programme delivered by Pulse Learning, who provide learning services to clients across the globe.

The pandemic has given us an opportunity to consider how we can change what we believe and how we behave in the marketing profession with regards to mental health and wellbeing.  Together, we can respond with compassion and support, when our fellow team members, family, or friends are facing challenges.

At The Marketing Institute of Ireland, we would like to advocate a mental health and wellbeing culture that will enable our members and their teams to gain the courage, confidence and skills to support each other, in a very practical way, so that it becomes ok not to feel ok and absolutely ok to ask for help. Our goal as a team in the Institute is to create a culture of compassionate connection, where we look out for one another at all times.

With this focus, we are delighted to partner with  I Am Here, our new mental health and wellbeing initiative. This programme is now available to all members of the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

If you are interested in talking to the I Am Here team about how this could work for your team or your organisation, please contact or participate in the programme here.