Course Overview

As marketers in large teams and organisations become more specialised, they may not have a clear visibility of their company’s strategic objectives and how they relate to their everyday job. This results in mid-level marketers remaining stuck at a tactical level and can impede career progress. This course is designed to help marketers develop a more strategic mindset and an understanding of how marketing at a higher level impacts the organisation’s performance. 

Session 1 - Marketing & Brand Strategy - the basics

The learning outcome of this session is for the participants to understand what is strategy, segmenting, targeting and positioning. The difference between the ‘classic’ view of marketing and ‘digital marketing’ will also be discussed.

Session 2 - Marketing Orientation - Understanding the Customer

This session will start with real example of biases, including cognitive bias, confirmation bias, and availability heuristic, using humorous personal examples as the starter.

Session 3 - Start your STP : Segmentation and Targeting

The learning outcome from this session is for participants to understand why segmenting and targeting is the step before defining the positioning and propositions, and why a lack of knowledge about segments and targets arrests the development of high quality briefs.

Session 4 - Positioning & Propositions

The learning outcome from this session is for participants to understand what positioning is and is not, and, in particular, how you position in the mind of the prospect, rather than the product. In addition, participants will then apply this idea in actual customer propositions that customer will hand over their money for!

Session 5 - Putting the fun in funnels

The learning outcome from this session is for participants to accurately create a purchase funnel for their target customer and to know how to create this for each product.

Session 6 - Bringing it all together

The learning outcome from this session is for participants is to be able to draw up a total marketing strategy for a given product, and have it ‘shovel-ready’ for creating great briefs, and present this as a team.

Marketer Pathways Competencies

Marketer Competencies

  • Integrated Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Centricity

Business Competencies

  • Planning & Prioritisation
  • Organisational Awareness
  • Decisions & Judgement
  • Commercial Awareness


People Competencies

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Relationship Management
  • Leadership

Course Trainer


Colin Lewis

  • Multiple award-winning MBA trained senior marketer with proven leadership experience with blue-chip international travel, tech and telco brands
  • Trained teams of marketers at Experian, Facebook, Unilever, Britvic
  • Brands he has managed in a senior marketing role include 118118, Thomas Cook, bmi-British Midland
  • Direct experience of working in B2B companies selling retailing, big data, chatbots and distribution software
  • Writer & columnist for world’s #1 marketing magazine since 2016
  • Author, Econsultancy, Best Practice in eCommerce – a 54,000 word and 160-page guide to the best practices in eCommerce today from all over the globe

Terms and Conditions

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