MII Graduate Event

As a final year student or recent graduate, you’re excited for your future, but uncertain of what lies ahead. We want to make the transition from Grad to Employee as easy as possible for you by bringing you a series of webinars that show you the skills and preparation you need to land yourself your dream job! Kicking off our first Graduate Only Webinar is, Rory Brennan, Selector & Recruiter at Marketing Career Recruitment and Melissa Dunne MII Grad 2019 & MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics 2020 Scholarship Recipient.

Rory will be discussing how to get your CV in front of decision makers and how to kick-start your career.  He will give you some tips on how important first impressions are at interviews along with great interview questions, which a recruiter may ask.  Rory will explore how after your graduate, your core focus is getting interviews and how LinkedIn, Indeed and MII can all be of benefit to you.

Melissa who works as Marketing and Communications Executive at Repak will discuss her role in Repak and why she is continuing her studies by completing MSc in Digital Marketing & Analytics in TU Dublin.  She will also discuss the interview process for her Masters and what the 2020 MII Scholarship means to her.

7 October 2020,11AM-12PM




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Selector & Recruiter at Marketing Career Recruitment

Rory Brennan

Marketing Career Recruitment is run by Rory Brennan, MMII, who has over 20 years marketing recruitment experience. If you have dealt with Rory already in his previous director roles at leading marketing agencies, you will know a few things about him. Firstly, he tells it as it is, just straight-talking and his honest and professional opinion which is always impartial. If you are right for the role you are applying for, he will encourage you all the way throughout the recruitment process to secure the opportunity. If you get an offer and turn it down because something else has come up that is better for your marketing career, he will congratulate you, not cajole you into making a wrong marketing career move. If, when he interviews you, its apparent some of your skill sets may need improving to get the next marketing role in this competitive marketplace, assistance will be given and advice happily offered to improve your personal performance at interview.

Marketing & Communications Executive, Repak

Melissa Dunne, MII Grad 2019

Melissa is a 1st Class Honours Marketing Graduate from IT Carlow and also achieved Grade A in the Marketing Institute of Ireland Qualified Marketing Exam.

Melissa is one of the MSc in Digital Marketing & Analytics 2020 Scholarship Recipients. Melissa is passionate about Digital Marketing and delivering excellent results.