AIM Awards 2021

Navigating the past year with creative intent whilst continuing to contribute meaningfully to the businesses, brands and organisations we serve is an immense accomplishment for the marketing community in Ireland.

As we move into the fifteenth year of the All-Ireland Marketing Awards programme brought to you by the Marketing Institute of Ireland, we believe recognition of our community’s impact has never been more important.

The All-Ireland Marketing Awards is a unique platform designed to amplify and showcase brands, marketers and agencies, who have emerged even stronger from one of the most challenging years to date.
In a year where business and industry were governed by themes of resilience and perseverance, our community stood up to be counted with agility, creativity and fearlessness.

Our impact is benchmarked at the highest standard, so join us on May 21st at 3pm for this year’s All Ireland Marketing Awards as we celebrate us, the Irish Marketing Community.

21 May 2021,3PM


Live Stream Broadcast


Bryan Dobson


Monica Hallinan




Journalist at RTÉ

Bryan Dobson

Bryan is an Irish journalist, newscaster and presenter with RTÉ in Ireland. He currently presents Morning Ireland. He previously presented RTÉ News: Six One, RTÉ News: Nine O’Clock and occasionally RTÉ News: One O’Clock. He attended a media course in the Rathmines College of Commerce, Dublin Institute of Technology.Dobson previously worked for the Dublin pirate station Radio Nova, hosting their nightly Dublin Today programme. Before joining RTÉ in 1987, he worked for BBC Northern Ireland. Dobson joined RTÉ News and Current Affairs as a reporter in 1992. Before being the main RTÉ News: Nine O’Clock presenter, he was the RTÉ Business Correspondent. In September 1996, he was named as the co-presenter of the flagship early evening news programme, RTÉ News: Six One on RTÉ One, one of the most watched news programmes in Ireland. Since then he has presented that news programme, currently with Sharon Ní Bheoláin. He left his position as co-presenter on 25 October 2017 after 21 years to move to early morning radio on Morning Ireland. He also presents various special programmes such as RTÉ’s coverage of general elections. In May 2011, he fronted RTÉ television coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to the Republic of Ireland.