The Indie List launches new e-commerce service

Building on its incredible success to date, The Indie list has unveiled a new service which the founders are calling IndieCommerce.

The Indie List is the new marketplace for freelance talent in the marketing and communications sector which was launched in mid-June and now has close to 400 members.  Conceived and born out of Covid, The Indie List brings together the best strategic, creative and technical skills for the benefit of enterprises in Ireland who need maximum flexibility, efficiency and impact in their marketing communications.

Since launching the business 4 months ago, the founders, two ad agency veterans, Una Herlihy and Peter McPartlin, identified another unmet need in the market.

The shift to e-commerce is happening at pace as customers in every sector of business, move a large share of their spend to online transactions” says Peter McPartlin. “Traditional businesses are having to re-invent themselves quickly and transform their approach to obtain a share of this €16bn market. But many are being held back by either a lack of digital and e-commerce skills or are confused by the various platforms available to them. We have created IndieCommerce to help get more Irish businesses e-commerce fit“.

The Irish marketing communications business has an abundance of great independent talent – people with years of experience, knowledge and know-how, complemented now with exceptional digital skills,” says Una HerlihyAll our vetted experts are ‘black belts’ in their field. So, whether you need to build an ecommerce website, conduct an audit of your existing digital activity, improve your social media, drive more traffic or improve the functionality of your existing site, IndieCommerce can help you select the right people to address those challenges with ease and speed.”

Since launching the Indie List, the entrepreneurial duo has been able to place over 60 individuals into new roles and provide access to job opportunities that otherwise would not be available to them.  The advantages to customers are also clear and evident.  In a time where recruitment freezes are commonplace, access to vetted talent on a ‘pay as you go’ basis is a ready solution for many companies who wish to scale their talent requirements in line with their business.

“It’s clear from many of the briefs that we’ve been given to date that the time is right for a specialist e-commerce service and that’s what IndieCommerce is designed to address”, according to McPartlin.


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