Alternatives & MII Salary, Market Insights & Sentiment Survey 2021

The results of the Alternatives & MII annual Salary & Market Sentiment survey are in and are being shared in full for the first time. With so much change, we’ve lots to help you plan for your business or your career in the year ahead. We’ll share how Brexit and Covid have impacted at a business and a personal level. How people at different career levels are coping and what company plans are for working from home for the rest of 2021.

We look at the evolving role of marketing. How strategic it is considered and what we can do to future drive that. We look at resources marketers have available to them-from marketing budgets and sizes of team now-and share if and who is hiring again.

We highlight the latest salaries by career level and for key roles and do a deep dive on key benefits, bonuses, and annual leave. We explore how engaged people really are in their roles, what motivates and how secure they feel. And we look at how diverse marketing functions really are in Ireland.

Join Sandra Lawler, Founder Director of Alternatives, on Tuesday, March 2nd at 12:30PM to hear the full story.

This is an MII member-only event. 

2 March 2020,12:30PM-1:30PM


Webinar hosted via Zoom


Sandra Lawler


Monica Hallinan


Member-only event


Founder & Director at Alternatives

Sandra Lawler

Sandra co-founded Alternatives in 2000. Alternatives is the leading marketing talent agency in Ireland, helping drive growth both for business and careers. Key talent solutions include Alternatives Flexible Panel of interim managers and consultants; Executive Search and Recruitment

Sandra is a graduate of DCU International Marketing and Languages. Before Alternatives she spent 16 years in senior international marketing roles in Dublin, Barcelona, Belgium and Paris, working for iconic Irish brands such as Kerrygold and Jameson.

Sandra was also privileged to be a previous EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and a joint recipient of the Image/Sunday Times Female Entrepreneur of the Year.