Course Overview

Convince your audiences with better copy. Discover how to sharpen your writing skills, and learn tips and tricks for writing clear, engaging and persuasive content. Practice and improve during this applied course so you can go on to achieve the outcomes you want whether you’re writing for customers, partners, managers or other stakeholders.

What will participants learn / achieve?

  • Understand the elements of successful persuasive writing
  • Be able to better tailor their approach, tone and language to their audience(s)
  • Be able to more clearly articulate their brand’s value proposition
  • Have a framework for planning the content they need to write
  • Have a toolkit of writing tips and tricks to enable them write high-impact, relevant, persuasive copy
  • Complete practical writing exercises, both in-class and at-home, and received detailed personalised feedback and writing coaching
  • Deliver a final writing project specifically tailored to their own work need

Who is it for? Career stage?

This course is for marketing professionals who want to be equipped with a framework for planning the content they need to write, plus a toolkit of writing tips and tricks to enable them to write high-impact, relevant, persuasive copy.

What is the course’s USP?

This 6 weeks course marries excellence in copywriting with a deep understanding of the goals and priorities of contemporary marketers.


* Please note, class will take place via Zoom every Wednesday Evening 6-8pm*

6 Week Course taking place 6-8pm.
Week 1 : November 9th

Week 2: November 16th

Week 3: November 23rd

Week 4: November 30th

Week 5: December 7th

Week 6: December 14th  ( Final Class)


Week 1 - Focus on the audience

  • Review of participants’ prework
  • Benefits versus features
  • Audience-first copy
  • Understanding the audience

Week 2 - 5 Core elements of Persuasive Writing

  • Core elements of strong, on-brand writing
  • Practical focus: How to keep to the point

Week 3- Planning and Organisation

  • Reviewing work in line with Key Principles of Week 1
  • Getting Started
  • Content Planning
  • Practical Focus: Writing with impact

Week 4 - Getting more in-depth

  • Writing through the funnel
  • Writing longer documents
  • Practical Focus: Lift your Writing

Week 5- Bring your brand to life

  • Giving feedback to agencies /others
  • Embody your brand personality
  • Practical Focus: CTAs that make sense

Week 6 - Finetune your copy

  • Giving Good News
  • Giving Bad News
  • Writing for Seasonality
  • Practical Focus: Advanced tips

Marketer Pathways Competencies

Marketer Competencies

  • Brand
  • Research
  • Customer Centricity
  • Marketing Campaigns

Business Competencies

  • Action & Results
  • Decisions & Judgement
  • Organisational Awareness
  • Project Management
  • Planning & Prioritisation

People Competencies

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Influencing
  • Negotiation Skills

Course Trainer

Managing Director, Hyphen Content

Kathy Foley

Kathy Foley is an experienced content strategist, brand storyteller and journalist. She has worked at Facebook, Twitter, the Sunday Times (Ireland), along with numerous clients and publications in Ireland and internationally. She has produced marketing content for clients from tiny not-for-profits to global multinationals across a wide range of sectors, and has extensive experience in managing large-scale content projects and diverse content teams.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions apply. Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable. All event and course cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to the event/course date. Payment is due in advance. Refunds will not be issued for non-attendance.