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Differentiation is key in marketing, and using the Irish language in the marketing mix can be a powerful way of standing out from the crowd. Many Irish businesses seek ways to emphasize their origin and brand values to build stronger connections with the audience. The judges are looking for examples of companies which have harnessed the marketing potential of the Irish language and bilingualism and used this to support branding and positioning in the marketplace. Entrants may be using Irish to attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, harness goodwill, gain a marketing edge over competitors, or enhance their public relations efforts.

Tá an t-idirdhealú ríthábhachtach sa mhargaíocht, agus is bealach an-éifeachtach í úsáid na
Gaeilge mar theicníc mhargaíochta le seasamh amach ón slua.

Bíonn a lán comhlachtaí Éireannacha ag lorg bealaí ar féidir leo béim a chur ar a ndúchas agus
ar luachanna a mbranda.

Tá na moltóirí ag lorg samplaí de ghnólachtaí a bhain leas iomlán as féidearthacht
mhargaíochta na Gaeilge agus an dátheangachais, agus a d’úsáid iad seo le tacú le brandáil
agus le suíomh a aimsiú sa mhargadh. D’fhéadfadh iontrálaithe a bheith ag úsáid na Gaeilge le
custaiméirí nua a mhealladh, le cur le dílseacht custaiméirí, le dea-thoil a fháil, le buntáiste
margaíochta a bhreith ar iomaitheoirí, nó lena n-iarrachtaí maidir le caidreamh poiblí a

ESB Electric Ireland

Davis Events Agency

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Marshall Kingston


Following a successful launch in Ireland, Square set out to expand its services, promoting economic empowerment to the 2.65 million SME’s in Spain. However, the landscape in Spain was vastly different to Square’s other markets, with 87% of in-person transactions being cash based. To penetrate this market, Square not only needed to build awareness of the ecosystem of products on offer, but also educate Spanish businesses on the benefits of utilising these products over their existing systems. Square tackled this with a combination of highimpact advertising, online campaigns, and putting existing Square Sellers front and centre of the marketing efforts.

Burren Ecotourism Network

Jarlath O’Dwyer


The Burren Ecotourism Network is a membership organisation embedded in a sustainable tourism ethos. Made up by almost 70 businesses in the region, it was formally established in 2011 The network connects tourism enterprises in the Burren & Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark and enables them to work together to deliver economic, social, and environmental benefits, both for themselves and for their communities. The Network won the Lonely Planet Award for Community Tourism in 2021, and the Burren region won the Irish Times Award of Best Place to Holiday in Ireland in 2022.


Aoife Flynn


Payslip have entered this award to highlight the effectiveness of our Marketing Campaigns in overcoming a new market entry challenge. Key objectives of our strategy are Brand Awareness as a new marketing entrant and Lead Generation. Marketing campaigns are designed to cover both objectives, and include successful digital campaigns in the form of paid campaigns across Google and LinkedIn platforms, Social Media Marketing, Webinars, Podcasts and Email Marketing. Optimized persona driven content underpins all campaigns in the form of eBooks, Whitepapers, Case studies and Blog articles. Result included significant growth in customer acquisition with 75% of sales generated from inbound leads.


Brian Curtin


WHOOP is a wearable fitness and health coach that provides personalised, actionable insights via a wrist wearable and companion app. Created in Boston in 2012 the brand’s marketing had traditionally skewed towards the US, and because of this, WHOOP wasn’t resonating with global consumers.

WHOOP International was set up in Dublin in 2021, tasked with expanding the brand internationally. In 2022 the team executed a unique campaign around the Giro d’Italia cycling tour, and results exceeded expectations. Not only did WHOOP unlock international markets, but from a team perspective it was successful, as Global Marketing is now led from Ireland.

Kellogg Europe

Paul Humphries


The Kellogg Cereal Snack team drove an outstanding turnaround of the KEUK Snacks business in 2021 and 2022. The business went from a declining and complex business over several years, accelerated by COVID, to a key driver of Kellogg European growth in 2022. Double digit top line revenue growth over 2 years, GP almost doubling & with share growth in our 2 key markets – UK & Italy. All driven by a consistent strategy and a truly cross functional, cross market joined up effort.

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