Accurate and complete information and insights are foundation stones of any successful business because they reduce business risk. Marketing decision makers need to determine the feasibility of ideas before committing substantial resources to them. The processes of market research which systematically gather and interpret data using statistical and analytical techniques of applied science are therefore essential to business success in our increasingly complex world. This award will recognise a business which has demonstrated excellence in the use of market research to achieve insights that led to sound marketing decisions and consequent business success.

PepsiCo Ireland Ciaran McAlarey


The spark for PepsiCo Ireland’s Future of Snacks initiative lay in our marketing team’s ambition ‘To know the snack category better than anyone else’. By combining PepsiCo’s word class global consumer landscape framework with our Irish consumer-shopper research learning plan, we delivered a ‘Glocal’ (Know Global & Act Local) insight strategy, Future of Snacks, at a time when our business was facing multiple headwinds. Future of Snacks provided a clear north star to guide our innovation, our commercial growth strategy and thought leadership for our retail partners. All of which contributed to our most successful NPD ever, Walkers Giants, and our highest market share in over 10 years.

Kerry David Deeley


Kerry’s insights team developed a potent research concentrate with ‘living analysis’ to investigate the underlying causes of the recent sluggish growth in the plantbased food and beverage sector, and identify the necessary growth levers for future success. Through ‘living analysis,’ which involves refining knowledge with new evidence, the team generated a wealth of market and category specific insight to support consumerled innovation and improvement roadmaps. This research is critical in supporting Kerry and our customers to deliver sustainable nutrition solutions to meet the needs of our expanding population.

HSE Norma Deasy


1 in 2 adults in Ireland experience mental health difficulties, often in silence. The HSE commissioned Core Research to help plan a new mental health literacy campaign. The research insights influenced our communications’ priorities focusing the campaign on recognising and connecting the signs of common difficulties: ongoing stress, low mood, anxiety, and sleep with mental health.The campaign encourages people to recognise and seek help for these common mental health difficulties, at an early stage. It informs people of how and where to go for supports and services (including online and self-help resources) and encourages them to talk to someone they can trust. There has been a demonstrable impact since the launch.

The National Lottery Stephen Cleary


Without attention, advertising can have no impact. Over the past year The National Lottery has worked alongside world leading attention expert Professor Karen Nelson-Field to make their brand building advertising more effective. This entry explains how The National Lottery became a market leader on attention, with a first-of-itskind study with RED C Research on digital advertising in Ireland. They used technology to track how eyeballs view ads on digital platforms, and the results of the study have caused huge strategic changes to their advertising strategy. This will have a profound impact on the digital advertising industry in the coming years.

Kerry Louise Kerrigan


Kerry’s vision is to shape a future of sustainable nutrition. A global taste & nutrition company driving change across the foodservice industry, partnering with their customers to innovate for the future of people, planet and society. In 2022 Kerry successfully launched their first ever Sustainable Nutrition summit, ‘Eat Drink Think’ in the Garden Museum, London to urge sector collaboration to shape a future for a healthier, more sustainable foodservice industry across Europe. Our pipeline growth is evidence this is resonating with our internal teams and our customers.