The development of online channels has brought enormous change to business in general, and to marketing in particular. Marketing strategists are increasingly looking to identify ways of transacting business online, encompassing outward-facing processes that touch suppliers, partners and customers, and including not just marketing communications but also sales, order taking, delivery and customer service. This award aims to showcase instances where this has been done excellently. The judges will wish to hear about the strategic thinking deployed, how business process, technology and regulatory challenges were handled, and what results were achieved.

An Post Money Lynne Rourke


Putting Control Back into Credit: As digital only products, An Post Money’s Credit portfolio of Credit Cards and Loans faced into 2022 into an ever increasingly competitive market landscape, coupled with brand and operational challenges. The business was tasked with doubling the credit portfolio in 2022, so needed to acquire significant new customers of these products, and these sales could only happen online. Through research and continuous testing, we developed an understanding of the customer which allowed us create marketing, sales and service strategies that resonated strongly with the customer, enabling us to outperformed both the market and all targets.

Siro Marianne Murphy


We’ve taken the age-old principles of marketing and supercharged them with IT integration across multiple platforms – we’re honoured to be shortlisted in this category

An Post Julie Gill


Digital stamps offer the ability to send anytime with confirmed delivery. This new product was critical to addressing a long-term decline in sending. A clear launch strategy was essential to drive awareness of its existence and appeal, educating the public on how to buy and use it. Digital stamps have delivered additional revenue to the business with no decline in traditional stamps. Awareness of the product has improved perceptions of the brand as innovative. 20% of our digital stamp buyers have become repeat customers, showing this product has the ability to enable a new era of sending for the future.

Three Ireland Brian Moloney


In Ireland’s online space, inclusiveness and accessibility have gained significant importance, particularly with the changing consumer landscape in 2022. With consumer confidence at an all-time low and uncertainty prevailing, it has become crucial for businesses to provide excellent value and ensure ease of doing business across the Irish digital landscape. To meet these evolving demands, Three prioritized customer feedback throughout 2022 and delivered significant improvements in the digital consumer experience by taking personalisation and accessibility to new heights.

Laya Healthcare Rebecca Trevor


Access to healthcare is the main challenge facing Ireland’s complex healthcare system, particularly during the pandemic. Laya Healthcare tackled this challenge by offering a digital GP service free of charge and successfully provided care to more than 100,000 patients over a 12-month period. However, implementing a digital solution was not enough; an effective online marketing strategy was crucial to drive awareness and promote instant benefit utilization. By doing so, Laya Healthcare not only provided highquality healthcare at scale, but also saved our members time and money