With the world at a tipping point regarding environmental, societal, and economic responsibility, now more than ever is the time for business to embrace sustainability and marketers to take the leadership role. Consumer’s expectations of brands have never been so high and the opportunities for purpose driven responsible business growth are accelerating. By authentically aligning a brand or business’s purpose to the issues that really matter to people, the problems that need solving in society and on our planet, marketers have an opportunity to take action to drive positive change.

This award looks to acknowledge and recognise businesses which are leading the field in the increasingly critical activity of sustainable, responsible business. Entrants should be able to demonstrate how the entire business was harnessed, including the brands and employees, to ensure the promotion of sustainability and how the impact of their actions has driven results and benefits to the business.

Allianz Anna McCarthy


Central to our long term approach to sustainability was the importance of reimaging value and showing how taking a strategic approach on a societal issue could benefit our business and deliver results in terms of trust, differentiation and employee engagement. In 2021 Allianz established a three year partnership with Women’s Aid and committed €1 million to tackling the societal issue of domestic abuse. Taking a stance on domestic abuse is helping to lift the veil on this issue by raising greater awareness and encouraging people to have the lifesaving conversations needed to move Ireland to a zero-tolerance society

Repak Laura Sherry


A campaign that got Ireland – business and public – aware and aligned about our repackaging targets. It rebranded Repak from a refuse regulation organisation to one of Ireland’s leading environmental voices. It reframed Repak members from a database of payees to 3400 Irish businesses working together to help Ireland achieve our environmental targets. Used the reach of a strongly branded integrated campaign to launch a big idea: Re-imagine – a new way to think about what recycling could achieve and get Ireland motivated behind our recycling targets

AIB Nuala Kroondijk


The world is at a tipping point and brands have an important role to play. When AIB started this journey almost a decade ago, it needed a marketing strategy to support the business ambition, a clear narrative on the role that AIB would play in the transition to a green economy, leveraging the daily interactions with 2.8million customers. Through the PLEDGE TO DO MORE, we have a progressive, all encompassing platform that gives the business the language to use in unifying our mission. A green thread now runs throughout all marketing activity. But climate change is still THE agenda and we will double down on the Pledge to Do More …..Everything, Everywhere, All At Once.

ESB Networks Helen Archer


ESB Networks purpose is to deliver a clean electric future, and make Ireland’s net zero goal a reality. In a changing Energy industry we developed a pilot programme ‘Beat the Peak’, engaging customers through an insightled campaign ‘Is This a Good Time?’. Our ambition was to drive awareness of peak electricity time, prompting sign-ups and deliver real behavioural change with customers shifting their energy consumption away from high demand times. A national approach using new, innovative channels with high impact messages, to truly empower customers to take control of their usage and support them on their journey to Net Zero.

Kerry Louise Kerrigan


Kerry’s vision is to shape a future of sustainable nutrition. A global taste & nutrition company driving change across the foodservice industry, partnering with their customers to innovate for the future of people, planet and society. In 2022 Kerry successfully launched their first ever Sustainable Nutrition summit, ‘Eat Drink Think’ in the Garden Museum, London to urge sector collaboration to shape a future for a healthier, more sustainable foodservice industry across Europe. Our pipeline growth is evidence this is resonating with our internal teams and our customers.