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INGO wins World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Impact Award

Irish Network for Gynaecological Oncology (INGO) wins a World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Impact Award

Our congratulations to The Irish Network for Gynaecological Oncology for their recent award in the Inspiring Collaborations category at the World Ovarian Cancer Collation Impact Awards. The INGO comprises over 30 of the country’s foremost gynaecological campaigners, researchers, and patient advocates, underscoring the immense value of partnership as they work together in unison to raise awareness in Ireland.

Dr. Sharon O’Toole, Trinity College Dublin and Coordinator of the World Ovarian Cancer Day campaign at INGO outlined her extreme pleasure in accepting the award, “I am so proud of the INGO network and their dedication to raising awareness. Our World Ovarian Cancer Day awareness campaign focussed on symptom awareness following the stark findings that 4 out of 5 women in Ireland were not confident in recognising the symptoms of ovarian cancer. These findings combined with Ireland having one of the worst mortalities in Europe from ovarian cancer, are key drivers for our network. In order to reach a wider audience in 2022, we had the pleasure of working with The Reputations Agency where all expectations were exceeded in terms of impact, with a media reach of over 8.3 million people for World Ovarian Cancer Day. Our network allowed us to reach all corners of the country, spreading awareness on a regional basis as well as nationally. We are delighted that the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition has recognised our network in the Inspiring Collaborations category.”

Catherine Walsh, Director, The Reputations Agency, “We were delighted to work with the INGO and deliver the World Ovarian Day cancer awareness campaign.  We were tasked with building awareness, and communicating the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer to a larger audience whilst highlighting the lack of awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer and the misperception that a cervical screening detects ovarian cancer. Thanks to Helen Steele’s for her contribution with a BEAT tote bag – spelling out the symptoms, and Sasha Terfous’s performance and powerful video.  The extraordinary campaign results were delivered on the back of a strong collaborative effort from all parties involved. As recognised by the INGO, the World Ovarian Cancer campaign rolled out by The Reputations Agency in 2022 has given ovarian cancer a voice in Ireland.”

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