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Irish language proven to build brands

Marketing using the Irish language has been proven to give firms a competitive edge

A recent survey conducted by Amárach with Gaelchultúr revealed that 73% of consumers assumed a product was locally sourced or Irish when Gaeilge was incorporated into its advertising.

Moreover, 41% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they are more inclined to purchase products or services from companies using the Irish language, and over a quarter (26%) indicated willingness to pay a premium for such products. The survey, encompassing 1,000 individuals, suggests that the use of the Irish language in marketing not only strengthens the perception of a brand as Irish-owned and locally operated but also provides insights into consumer engagement with Irish language-marketing.

Despite more than half of the participants having limited or no proficiency in the Irish language, 59% expressed appreciation for businesses communicating through the language in their marketing efforts. Darren Ó Rodaigh, CEO of Gaelchultúr, emphasised the importance of aligning brands with consumer values, asserting that effective use of Gaeilge in marketing fosters a deeper connection with target audiences.

Younger age groups exhibited higher willingness to pay a premium for products featuring irish language marketing, with 36% of respondents under 35 and 29% between 35-44 expressing readiness to pay more for products or services with Irish branding.

Shane McGonigle, CEO of Marketing Institute Ireland, echoed these sentiments, emphasising the role of professional marketing in creating connections between people and products based on shared values. Finbarr Bradley, former professor at UCD and Trinity College Dublin, underscored the implications of the findings for both domestic and international enterprises, highlighting the need for innovative policies to support the growth of globally competitive, locally rooted Irish businesses.

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