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The EMC announces Salesforce as its first Corporate Member

The European Marketing Confederation (EMC) is proud to announce that Salesforce is the first Corporate member of EMC. 

Brussels, 24-01-2024.  

EMC believes in excellent relationships with important companies in the line of business of European marketers. This is why EMC allows a limited amount of strategic partners to be a corporate member of the European Marketing Confederation. Corporate members are supportive to the goals of EMC.  

Corporate members encourage marketers to keep learning, be up to date on the developments in the marketing profession and support EMC to make the profession profound, reliable with authority and integrity.  

For EMC, Salesforce is the ideal strategic partner as Salesforce empowers companies of every size and industry to connect with their customers through the power of data, AI, CRM, and trust. Marketers across the globe rely on Salesforce’s powerful marketing software to optimize every stage of the funnel and build long-lasting customer relationships.  

Joining forces to revolutionize the marketing domain, Salesforce and EMC are embarking on a collaborative journey. Notably, Salesforce will take a prominent role in key EMC events, such as the European research among CMOs, the European Marketer of the Year awards, and International Marketing Day. This dynamic partnership seeks to create a more robust marketing environment and amplify their collective influence in the industry 

The EMC board is proud to have Salesforce on board as a strategic partner. There is a strong belief to the importance of emphasizing marketing as a crucial profession for a thriving economy, this together with leading companies and with all connected marketing associations across Europe. 

About EMC

EMC is Europe’s largest marketing organization, representing over 100.000 marketeers across eleven national associations in Europe. EMC and her members are jointly reaching 1 million social-media followers and over 5 million unique visitors on their websites. As a non-profit organization, EMC works with its member associations to promote Education, Social guidance, and Value creation to marketing associations and the marketing profession all over Europe. 

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